Transn News Media Solutions

As China is deepening its integration into the world, domestic news media is working towards globalization. While traditional Chinese culture is exported to other countries, more and more foreign media have quickly made their way into the Chinese market.

Transn has formed an exclusive project team for news translation to provide professional localization services, including video, audio, image, website translation services, and news updating services.


  • We’ve supported CCTV International in their global promotions.
  • We’ve assisted NetEase in successfully introducing professional courses from abroad and providing the most influential open course series in China.
  • 24/7 Urgent Delivery Services Available

    Due to characteristics of the industry, news media requires more professional and quicker language services than other industries. To meet customers' demand for language, Transn provides 24/7 service and assigns translators to urgent projects to ensure around-the-clock delivery.

    Through the Transn Computer Aided Translation (TCAT), translators can quickly reuse corpus and terminology to efficiently complete translation and multimedia localization, saving time and money and quickly publishing multilingual content.

  • Comprehensive Localization Teams and Broad Service Scope

    Multimedia localization formats are complicated. It includes translation of text in the images and audio tracks, repeated recording and post production, and the eventual assembly of finished products, all of which involve very complicated procedures. Transn has modern language localization studio facilities, professional image localization software, and professional media video processing teams to fulfill all of your multimedia localization needs.

  • Accuracy and Consistency of Language Ensured

    Language experts from all industries form translation groups based their expertise to effectively translate industrial language and ensure accurate understanding of the original text as well as professional, accurate, and meticulous translation.

    Transn establishes a dedicated vocabulary database for each customer to ensure consistency of key terms and expressions throughout the project.