Transn's International Engineering Solutions

Transn uses its professional qualifications, rich experiences, and strict standards to design specific language service solutions to meet the needs of enterprises. Its service not only promotes the success of clients' major and urgent demands in their international bidding projects, but also considers the demands of all enterprises in their daily operation to help them establish a long-term and sound system of development. Focusing on the two major businesses - translation and on-site services, and through timely response, quality and professional production, Transn supports clients in seize their share of the market and achieving success in their projects.


  • "Prior to contacting Transn, we had never thought a translation company could provide such comprehensive language solutions. The service philosophy of Transn is very advanced. Its translation quality is steadily improving, and its comprehensive service is ahead of other translation service providers."
  • "Transn's service has been a huge help to us. In terms of response level, on-site work, and composite costs, we’ve developed by leaps and bounds. It has become a standard for us in selecting language personnel for our overseas projects."


  • Project-targeted Team Language Services

    We set up special project teams for each project, monitoring delivery processes in real time and in accordance with the project flow, and providing services exclusive to our clients from start to finish. Transn has translators interested in engineering translation and has accumulated a large quantity of technical terms and corpus. All translators from our engineering translation department have received or attended engineering bidding program practice and are familiar with knowledge related to engineering bidding.

  • Ensuring Language Consistency

    Large scale engineering projects, especially biding documents, are characterized by the bulk of the translation. If a mistake is made at any link, the whole project is at risk. With the help of Transn's corpus and terminology database and unique collaborative translation system, the comprehensive concurrent processing ensures language consistency in the projects. Based on the consideration of the projects' long-term economic reusability in engineering industry, we developed the Transn translation management software platform system to help clients establish a new model to manage their internal translation teams scientifically and effectively with functions such as internal online collaboration networks, multi-role project management, and simultaneous translating and proofreading. At the same time, exclusive terminology and corpus base have been accumulated, remarkably enhancing the overall task performance of the internal client teams.

  • Delivering High Quality On-site Multilingual Service Faster

    According to the needs of the client's on-site translation service, Transn will screen and train appropriate translators/interpreters, provide all in one translators/interpreter stationing by sending them to the site of the client's project based on their needs. They will then integrate into your project team.


  • Standardized assessment of alternative translators/interpreters

  • Pre-job training for selected translators/interpreters

  • Procedure-agenting for sent translators/interpreters

  • Emergency translator/ interpreter substitutes