Transn’s Solutions for the Information Service Industry

The information service industry deals with financial information, legal information, tourist information and business information services. Transn provides professional and customized language services for the specific abovementioned industries.

The finance industry has its own unique characteristics and a greater demand for specification, professionalism and confidentiality when compared with language services for other industries. To satisfy the needs of our clients, Transn designs a professional language service solution for its clients based on specified standards, professional resources, and strict confidentiality to promote the growth of its clients’ business. The legal service industry demands accuracy and speed from language service providers. Transn will provide professional one-to-one service solutions based on professional resources, rapid responses, and rich experience to satisfy its clients.
The tourist information industry mainly consists of OTA enterprises and its language services have requirements of multiple languages, huge and mixed resources, and strict time periods. Transn considers improving the client experience to be at its core. We adhere to exacting standards, and use our plentiful experience and large scale processing abilities in order to provide the client with high efficiency, low cost language services.

The business information industry mainly consists of e-commerce enterprises, and their language service requirements are strict and rigorous: multiple languages, fast content updates, large processing amount, and strict quality control. Transn acts with IT technology, acutely analyses client needs and has innovated to bring about a “machine + human” method of translation based on its experience to effectively satisfy the client’s language service demands while holding true to our guarantee of low costs, high efficiency and high processing. Written translation is at the core of Transn’s solutions for the information service industry, supplemented by exhibition services (interpretation, document translation) and short-term interpreting, website localization products and media services, providing the client with professional, high efficiency and highly reliable output, satisfying language needs of all kinds in the internationalization process of the information service industry.


  • We’ve helped BDO expand its business, understand and attract clientele, and promote income growth.
  • We’ve helped LexisNexis complete the language transformation of laws and regulations, enriching data resources for clientele and satisfying business expansion needs.
  • We’ve helped Ctrip complete localization for tens of thousands of hotels, upgrading the overseas customer experience and effectively promoting international business.
  • We’ve helped Ali Express complete information localization for vast numbers of products, achieving standardization for descriptions of e-commerce products and effectively promoting business growth.
  • Optimizing the cross-channel experience, raising client satisfaction levels

    Transn provides the information service industry with websites and email localization services directly through a professional localization team and web content management solutions to support the client in conducting online business language management; meaning that the client may at any time or place conduct self-help services for many languages, lowering internal communication costs and raising client satisfaction.

    Transn translation solutions can help the client achieve the best experiences in language information management, helping the client’s target audience receive the same information through all languages and channels – whether through website, advertising, or email services.

  • Ensuring the professionalism and accuracy of language services

    Transn’s specialized project groups are formed from seasoned specialists and project managers in narrowly defined industries. They communicate in advance with industry authorities, accept relevant training; learn relevant language expression styles and professional usage, make professional guarantees, and perfect details.

    By adopting matching principles and creating translation teams from language specialists and seasoned industry personnel (or industry language specialists), the project team effectively completes the transformation of language industry subdivision and ensure the correct interpretation of the original document as well as the professionalism, accuracy, and care of the document translation.

    Transn can also provide on-site services with a project team, directly connecting with the client to raise efficiency and rapidly respond to the client’s requests.

  • Maintaining consistency with previous documents

    The project team transfers information services for terminology databases and vocabulary memory bases of all subdivided industries and improves content consistency and translation quality. Using Transn’s self-developed translation and management software such as TCloud, WTM, etc., the project team can achieve real time online coordinated resource sharing, with translation processing levels up to twice as fast as traditional methods. This allows for large scale processing and timely responses to client needs.

    Transn provides stable services. We set up a unique terminology database for the client, pick out and accumulate a specialized language database and language resources for the client. We guarantee the consistency of brand information in the client’s materials.