Transn's Manufacturing Industry Solutions

In view of the characteristics of the equipment manufacturing industry, Transn offers one-stop solutions. These solutions not only meets the client's increasing needs for language services, but also give consideration to the demands of all enterprises in their daily operations to help them establish long term mechanisms for development. With translation services at the core, through matching the corresponding on-site stationing services, multilingual website construction, and other related services, Transn provides professional, standard production with high reliability for the client, meeting the comprehensive multilingual needs of the equipment manufacturing industry in the process of globalization, informationization, and intellectualization.


  • We’ve helped FAW-Volkswagen successfully build an enterprise language management software platform.
  • We’ve helped CSR to achievement rapid absorption and transformation of introduced equipment.
  • We’ve provided fast and precise localized projects and technical documents for Nokia-Siemens.
  • Professionals Work Professionally

    The special project team composed of Transn's professional experts and project managers in the manufacturing industry carries out communication and exchange in advance with industry gurus to thoroughly understand language usage in the industry.

    Transn’s project teams are made up of industry experts with more than five years of manufacturing industry professional translation and proofreading experience. These professionals can quickly and accurately accomplish language conversion work under international standards and regulations of the manufacturing industry, fully meeting the demands of domestic manufacturers to understand the international laws and regulations in the process of internationalization.

  • Rapid Achievement of Barrier Free Business Communication

    Transn’s Translation Auxiliary Tools in combination with machine translation, resource sharing, simultaneous translating and proofreading, and scale manuscript handling greatly improves translation efficiency.

    Relying on Transn's advanced translation management platform, corpus, and terminology resources, Transn quickly completes the language work for manuals and technical introductions of new equipment and new technology, helping enterprises quickly digest and absorb advanced technology at home and abroad.

  • Meeting the Language Differentiation Needs of the Business Process

    The comprehensive language package is customized for the manufacturing industry. It’s aimed at documents and language needs in various processes and links including design, procurement, manufacturing, order processing, marketing, and meeting communication.

    We are able to work with various mediums, including PDFs, Photoshop, Illustrator, CAD, etc.