Transn Solutions for the Gaming Industry

More than half of global game income comes from English speaking countries and other countries in North America, Europe, and Latin America. Therefore, the quick release of different language versions is an effective measure to maximize investment return and maintain competitive strength. No game developer wants to miss this chance.

To meet the demand for game localization, Transn provides integrated solutions including text, software, and multimedia to help customers quickly release products and seize the market through instant responses and professional production.


  • We’ve assisted Blizzard Entertainment in successfully getting a foothold in the Chinese market.
  • We’ve assisted NCTY in ensuring players with different cultural backgrounds have the best gaming experience.
  • Professional Native Speakers Dedicated to Serving the Gaming Industry

    Game translation, especially the translation of plots, is often lacking. Plots in games are usually translated in the same way as any other document, however, Transn has formed exclusive teams of professional native speakers proficient in Chinese and other languages to better understand the demands of game developers and distributors.

    Through personal experience with game products, Transn ensures their translators fully understand backgrounds, themes, and roles in the games. Our translators have language qualifications and translation experience to accurately translate all game texts and audio and to accurately express content.

  • Our Efficient Game Localization Process Helps You Release New Games Faster

    The core of our localization process is the online system for Translation Process Management (TPM), which helps enhance translation process control and accomplish translation optimization and automation, thus making our game localization more efficient and economical than the traditional game localization. It also simplifies the process, saves you time and money, and enables you to release multilingual games faster.

  • Versatile Game Translation Team

    We have an internal IT team composed of software experts familiar with various platforms, including PC, Mac, Nintendo Wii, Xbox, PSP, and different handheld devices.

    Transn offers complete game localization services, such as foreign language dubbing and recording and software translation. We are also able to translate internal and external game documents, websites and other related contents, thereby helping you manage your games and your business related to them.