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Why Choose Transn for Website Translation?

More than translation – Transn not only focuses on the conversion of lexical units and strings from the source to the target language, but also takes social and aesthetic differences of the target demographic into consideration, this is known as localization. Website translation includes website construction, content translation, web page optimization, database management, search engine optimization, and maintenance.

High quality assurance – Native translators improve constantly by taking frequent strict tests to ensure the accuracy of translations. An abundance of translation experience as well as translation process management assures multilingual and localized sites are idiomatic and enhance the customers' browsing experience.

Affordability – Rich resources and many years of experience enable Transn to offer affordable language services.

Professional web design: From early communication to website construction, a professional design and R & D team ensures that the style of web design and quality fully satisfy customer demands.
Guaranteed service – The support team is available 24/7 for before and after sales services. If you have any questions or problems, the customer service staff is there to offer solutions.

What does Transn website translation service involve?

Successful website localization service is much more than just website translation or language translations, it involves website construction design, content multi-language translation, international promotion and so on. Transn website translation services include:

  • Website Localization Standard Edition
  • Website Localization Professional Edition
  • Localized Site Hosting
  • Value Added Site Localization
  • Translate your original single language website into multi-language website ops:

    Multilingual content translation(including rough translation, expert proofreading, basic page processing, and quality inspection)

    Web content creation

    Native proofreading (includes make the website translations idiomatic and understandable to foreigners.)

  • Design and localize your multi-language websites into new redesign websites together with multilingual websites. Transn provides:

    Website design & construction

    Content translation (includes fully-processed content translation, content compilation, video translation & processing, multilingual flash content and sound of sites into target languages)

    CMS multilingual launch system construction.

  • Build new website in multi-language for you to accordance with international markets. Transn localized site hosting include:

    Website design and build

    Translate the website into multilingual

    CMS multilingual launch system construction.

  • Governments or enterprises who need to know about recent information releases, public services, interaction and customer experience, and hope to evaluate the websites, or enterprises that need to enhance the international awareness and conduct international promotions.