Why Use Transn

  • Affordable Pricing

    Affordable Pricing

    Transcription start from only $0.99/min
    Subtitle start from only $7/min
    Dubbing start from only $18/min
  • Fast Turnaround

    Fast Turnaround

    Orders will be delivered within
    12-48 hours unless individual files
    are over 30 minutes in length.
  • High Accurancy

    High Accurancy

    Our transcriptions are 99% accurate
    or better,among the highest precision
    rates in the industry. Our transcription work is 100% done by humans.
  • Flexibility


    Support most of the audio, video and
    caption formats, such as .srt, .scc, .txt,
    .mp3, .mp4, .wmv, .aif, .mov, .avi, .wma, .vob, .wav… etc.
  • 100% Security

    100% Security

    Files are securely stored and transmitted using SSL encryption.
  • Support 60+ Languages

    Support 60+ Languages

    With a support of 60+ languages and many
    successful case studies, Transn is confident in providing
    high quality media service for customers.



Online Transcription

Transn is a leading provider in online speech to text services with an accuracy rate of 100%. No matter how complicated or specialized the project, we strive to provide the best services to guarantee satisfaction. We have been highly praised by customers around the world.

Audio Transcription

Transn can accept all file formats and any audio quality for transcription with affordable prices. Convert your Skype calls, conference calls, seminars, podcasts, and audio recording into easily readable text. Transn has provided specialized services over 200,000 minutes of audio transcription.

Video Transcription

Transn has provided transcription services for 6000+ training videos, YouTube videos, interviews, and lectures. We also provide transcription services for over twenty different languages. Our professional video processing team is ready to help.

Digital Transcription Services

Transn can transcribe nearly any audio or video digital file and has no minimum size for transcription projects. The advantage of digital files is the ability to upload them to our server, which can save you both time and money.

Voice Talent / Dubbing Services

Voice talent or dubbing services are usually needed for a short piece of a movie or an entire motion picture. Since voice actors act out the scenes, translation not only includes the text, but also the emotions, expressions, and pronunciations? As an international language service provider, Transn delivers your message authentically and professionally in multiple languages.

Multilingual voice talent/dubbing services for TV programs, movies, and animations that include unique character voices. Corporate promotional and product informational materials can also be accommodated. Translation and dubbing are carried out at the same time.

Subtitling Services

Customers who are interested in their movies/films, documentaries, TV programs, or DVDs gaining popularity around the world rely on subtitling. However, sloppy, inaccurate, and even misleading subtitle translations can cause problems. Transn provides professional multilingual translation services with fast turnaround. In Transn, translators who are both fluent in the source and target languages with a cultural background will serve customers, assuring accuracy and confirming that subtitles resonate with your audience.

How can Transn serve your business needs?
  • One-stop Multilingual Subtitle Translation Services : Transn can produce bilingual subtitles as well as broadcast ready video files. Clients only need to provide the original video in physical or digital format

  • An Assigned Specialist Able to Solve Problems on the Spot : As soon as a project is started, an assigned specialist will be available to act as a liaison and assist with coordination, quickly processing and resolving any issues the client may have.

  • Wide Format Compatibility : Transn supports DVC, DVW, and hard disk broadcast formats in addition to standard and high definition digital video.

  • Base level service and support : provided through nearby branch offices and remote networking

  • Professional language support : Experience in many fields, languages, and industries

Our Transcription, Dubbing, Subtitling and Caption Projects

TV Seiers
Variety show
Jiangsu TV
Tony Award
International competitions and conference
Product introductions
Government or enterprises
  • Silence of the river

  • Whistleblower

  • Get Tiger Hill

  • Female sniper

  • DETI

  • Wolf Totem

  • The great Boccaccio

  • Love and Peace

  • Catch the monster

  • ourney to the West of the Great St. return

  • Left ear

  • Ballet in war

  • et's get married

  • Boonie Bears: Mystical Winter

  • Paris Holiday

  • Dynasty woman

  • Eagle Eddie

  • Spiritual duality contract

  • Finding Nemo 2: Dolly Where to Go

  • The Secret Life of Pets


  • Passengers

  • Moana

  • Allied

  • Your name

  • The BFG

  • Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk


  • Nowara Shnnosuke

  • Born in China


  • The Secret Life of Pets

  • Star Wars E Series

  • Citizen Kane

  • Happy yellow handkerchief

  • Genuine Love

  • Film Di Renjie of the Babel Empire

  • Money ran on the road

  • Revenge

  • Flash

  • True Blood

  • Sex and the City

  • Band of Brothers

  • herlock 1~3 English subtitles translation + Chinese dubbing

  • The Big Bang The Third Season Listening and translation

  • Stalker Chiese subtitle translation

  • Manhattan Love Story Chinese subtitle translation

  • Antenna baby, Super Mary , Paddington , Rat brother Arthur, Reggae mice, By Card, DOLPH PUP .

  • Big head son and little head dad

  • Juvenile Avanti

  • Three Kingdoms

  • Pandas and Mole

  • The Jungle Bunch

  • China's tongue

  • South China Sea on the 1st

  • Brit Cops 5

  • City Track Episode

  • Art and Craft

  • Strongest Brain

  • Super Teams

  • Kunlun Dueling


  • TAXI

  • Two days and one night

  • Man 's qualifications

  • In 2015, the "Tony Award" authorized Beijing-Junli International Culture Media Co., Ltd. to establish Tony Award in China Beijing Office. As the language service provider of JunLi Space, Transn provides the services of listening translation, subtitling and synthesis for the 69th and 70th Tony Awards.

  • In 2014, Transn provides Chinese subtitles and dubbing for Brazil 1 to 20 World Cup live video.

  • 2014 Transn provides listening recording service for Wuzhen World Internet Conference

  • Alibaba Community Conference - He Tian Project - Salman Khan video synthesis plus subtitles and English translation


  • LG air purifier

  • LG vacuum cleaner

  • Introduction Video for the 3rd CIFTIS Signing Ceremony

  • Introduction Video for the 3rd CIFTIS Signing Ceremony

  • Introduction Video for the 3rd CIFTIS Signing Ceremony

  • Introduction Video for the 3rd CIFTIS Signing Ceremony