Transn Software Localization Service, Software Translation Service

How is software translation different from traditional document translation?

Software localization involves transferring the intent of the original content and user interface from one language to another while maintaining its usability. Software localization is the translation and adaptation of a software or web product, including the software itself and all related product documentation.

Traditional translation typically involves

only textual translation of the content

from one language to another.

Translation is only one of the activities in a

localization project as there are other tasks

involved such as UI design, project

management, software engineering,

testing and desktop publishing.


Transn standing out from so many language service providers has the below reasons

  • 01Professional native translators

    Professional native translators with different background are selected to serve different customers.

  • 03Specially Assigned Staff

    Specially assigned staff is responsible for each project to coordinate the work.

  • 05Due to global network of translators

    Due to global network of translators, Transn could deliver projects at less time.

  • 02A wide range of industries

    A wide range of industries, documents types and formats cater to customized requirements of customers.

  • 04Transn has the ability to handle it

    No matter how complex of your project, Transn has the ability to handle it.

What is Transn Software Localization service and what are its benefits?

Our industry leading software specialists work with our language experts to provide a software translation services for global use.Partner with us for specific needs or
leverage our full capabilities that include everything from
consultative services,project management, text
translation, development support, and testing.