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No matter your game is played on mobile phone with fingers, or on a computer with thumbs, or on a board, if you want to market your games in foreign countries, you should make sure that your games are localized and translated for the countries in which you are marketed.

Transn Game Translation and Localization Services - providing professional gaming translation services for all game developing companies that would like to market their games in countries which do not speak their language. At Transn, we remove the hassles of getting your game localized with specific languages you need. With 24/7 service available, available via live chat, email, phone and the world's most advanced translation platform and teams, we aim to complete your projects on time by working around the clock. Your game deserves high quality translation localized by Transn professional Game Translation Services.

transn Game Translation Services

Gaming translation and localization services including

Transn has translated many AAA level games for all platforms including PC, browers-based, Console, MMO and mobile games for iOS & Android.

transn Game Translation Services

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