To offer employees the chance to grow at our company, they are offered career development and advancement opportunities. Transn provides different types of internal training and has created training programs to fit employees' careers. Currently, Transn has established a comprehensive training system that guarantees the success and efficient implementation of all training projects.

New Employee Basic Training Course

After new employees join the company, they must undergo basic training. This training helps new employees get settled into the company faster and also allows them to gain an initial understanding of corporate culture, company products, company rules and regulations, and other knowledge. At the same time, it teaches employees basic workplace knowledge and introduces them to the Type-T Blood Culture.

Reserve Management Training

With the company’s rapid growth, it has a strong requirement for more talented individuals. The company has already started building a reserve management team where a large number of employees are being groomed for management roles in preparation for the company's future development. At the same time, each and every employee has the opportunity to find their own career development path within the company.

Management Training

In order to guarantee that management proceeds smoothly, the company has continued to strengthen training for all levels of management personnel. A preliminary stratified training system for the managerial staff is already in place. Through training, Transn continuously improves the abilities of the management team while simultaneously advancing companywide management standards and capabilities. Transn has now established a modern corporate core management team.

Part-time Lecturer Training

In order to better develop its internal talents and provide employees with development paths, the company is currently constructing a professional, dedicated, and high quality group of training lecturers. These lecturers are backbone of Transn's training programs.

On the Job Training

Transn's on the job employee training system was established to strengthen employee skills and raise work efficiency. It continuously improves the skills and knowledge of employees. The system provides comprehensive training to address individual abilities, and it measures up to the high performance ideal that is part of its corporate culture.