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Why is Video Game Localization Different?

gaming-localizationVideo games are often divided into console games, arcade games and portable games. And video game localization is totally different from any other software translation service. It is reflected through the following points.

  • Language & Cultural Awareness Differences

Players from different places will have different language using habits even though they may all speak English, just like the difference between American humor and British humour. Furthermore, differing communication symbols and signs can be disruptive to the game’s adaptation process. Languages are unique in terms of expressions and will often differ in length even when conveying the same message. The localization process aims to match these linguistic differences using a variety of techniques. So free translation must be used to express the game idea more clearly.

  • Operating Habits Differences

You may take the following fundamental issues into consideration before you translate video game to other languages. How will you deal with the UI arrangement of the overseas product interface? How will the item icon be displayed? If they will conform to the overseas user’s operation habit? These are the things we need to pay attention to, after all, the user experience is excellent because of details.

  • Paying Experience Differences

Video game software will be divided into a completely different form around the globe. And players in some countries may get used to paying for download, unlock, or simply resources converting, while in some countries people don’t. So you should figure out how to design the charging point according to the user’s requirements and how to dig the depth of the charging point. This is another important part of the game translation.

If you are looking for the most professional translation services for Video Game Localization, congratulations, your search is over!

Transn offers a wide range of services to best serve the needs of game publishers and game developers in over 60 languages. Our comprehensive services touch on the game development process at every stage and provide solutions for the most tricky game localization issues. You can count on us for your game localization!


Transn provides the following specialized video game localization services:

Video Game Document Translation Service

Localization Project Management and Planning Service

User Interface Localization Service

User Manuals and Print Materials Localization Service

Game Script Translations Service

Video Game Voice-Over & Dubbing Service

Video Game Testing and QA Supporting

Video Game Marketing Collateral Localization (website translations, Apps etc.)

Video Game Subtitling and Captioning Service

Part of Transn’s Successful Video Game Localization Cases:

Hokage Ninjia by NAMCO BANDAI  GAMES

Onmyoji by NetEase mobile games

Zhu Xian by Perfect world (Beijing) Network Technology Co., Ltd.

World of Warcraft by Blizzard Entertainment

League of Legends by Garena …


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