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Nowadays more and more companies are interested in their movies, films, documentaries, TV programs, or DVDs gaining popularity around the world, which may heavily rely on the subtitling. However, sloppy, inaccurate, and even misleading subtitle translations can cause problems.


While, a good subtitling service can help your target audiences who don’t understand the foreign language both to hear the original recordings and better understand the program contents. Another point, the textual appearance of speech or dialogues of the visual medium on-screen helps people with language difficulties. Also importantly, the subtitling feature reaches out to the hearing impaired audience. Moreover, the film or video owner can reduce total expenses of dubbing through usage of multilingual subtitling services.

Transn can offer subtitling services and captions in over 60 languages. We have professional subtitle groups experienced in subtitling translation in numerous fields. Proofreaders in Transn are always very sensitive to time and mistakes, which makes the subtitling services with the highest quality. And we already have a lot of excellent works in the subtitling services market.

10+ service characteristics attract you to be our customers:
One stop human services
Wide Format Compatibility
Onsite services available
Professional operation
International management
Rational prices
Fast turnaround
High accuracy
100% security
60+ languages

Transn has provided subtitling services for many famous films in 2017 such as, Gangal(India), Doraemon(Japan), Despicable Me 3(US), A dog’s purpose(US), Pirates of the Caribbean 5(US), Ballerina(France), Guardians(Russia). All of these films have gain great popularity in China.


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If you want to know more, our 24/7 subtitling services are always available. There are various ways to get in touch right here, so you can choose the most appropriate way that suits you. We promise that you can get professional subtitling services at affordable rates in Transn.

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