the risk of using machine translation

The Risk of Using Machine Translation

As businesses are expanding, there is need to create a smooth communication channel between them and their customers. Language is the hallmark of effective communication, therefore, every business needs to speak in a language that is understandable to the people of the area in which it wants to supply its products. Many companies, especially the large ones have ventured into machine translation to quicken the process so as to get their audience on line quickly. Data or information is very important which is why translation should be done precisely to convey the accurate message to the target audience. Machine translation, although it is a quick process, brings forth many errors that could mislead customers and view your business as a mistake.



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The Drawbacks of Machine Translation

1. Literal Mistakes


Many online translation services like Google do not have the capability of understanding texts like the way human beings do. Most the machines translate word after word in a sentence but in some languages, words in a sentence are not arranged the same way. The moment clients realize that your language is not proper and that you have just written texts unprofessional, your business will be deemed to be a joke and that it has nothing of quality to offer.


2. Misuse of Industry Terminologies


In every industry of business that you deal with, there are specific terminologies that must be included for you to convey a message to the people. Most machines cannot understand the proper placement of these terminologies in a text thereby making the information to appear shallow and inappropriate. To prevent such issues, you should seek human language services and translation where every sentence will have a significant message.


3. Sentence Structure is Important


There is a way that you can sit down and contemplate on the best way to write sentences. Machines or online software cannot do that so what they do is that they translate only the words and leave the sentence the way it is. Without proper manual restructuring, you could convey the wrong message to the people. Always remember that it is the information that you pass to your customers that advocates for your business therefore if it is not well-informative, your business could customers to your competitors.


4. Alphabets Differentiation


Some alphabets differ in languages, and most of the machines are not aware of such issues. You need to ensure that you sit down and translate word after word for you to obtain the perfect meaning of every sentence. People like to read what they are convenient and familiar with so if you write in languages that are not common to them, you could end up losing a lot of them.


Excellent language and sentence structuring is good in your business because it makes the people know that they are specifically cared for. Write in a way that will make them see the benefit of the content or business to them. Don’t let the ‘’foreignness’’ aspect be showcased in the content. There are many translators that you can hire to make you have the best content for your business.


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