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Transn Loves “Picky” Customers for Media Translation Services

With the help of powerful media in modern times, the eyeball economy is more active than ever before. In the Internet age, attention is important because it can optimize the allocation of social resources, and also make the international network enterprises obtain huge benefits. The demand of media translation services exceeds supply, especially for the international markets.

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Transn’s Media Translation Services include:
Video/ Audio Digital Transcription Services – Transn has provided transcription services for 6000+ training videos, YouTube videos, interviews, lectures and so on for over twenty different languages. Its professional video processing team is ready to help.


dubbing servicesVoice Talent / Dubbing Translation Services – Voice talent or dubbing services are usually needed for a short piece of a movie or an entire motion picture. Since voice actors act out the scenes, translation not only includes the text, but also the emotions, expressions, and pronunciations. As a mature international language service provider, Transn delivers your message authentically and professionally in multiple languages.

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subtitlesSubtitling Services – Customers who are interested in their movies / films, documentaries, TV programs, or DVDs gaining popularity around the world rely on subtitling. However, sloppy, inaccurate, and even misleading subtitle translations can cause problems. Transn provides professional multilingual subtitling services with fast and accurate turnaround.
10+ service characteristics attract you to be Transn’s customer:
One stop human services
Wide format compatibility
Onsite services available
Professional operation
International management
Rational prices
Fast turnaround
High accuracy
100% security 60+ languages
Transn has excelled at media translation services in China for years, and it has got translator selection down to a fine art. Transn specializes in satisfying the demands of your message while enriching the receivers’ experiences, anticipation, and expectation. Transn’s translators who are both fluent in the source and target languages with a cultural background will assure accuracy and confirm the subtitles resonate with your audience. Transn promises to meet your satisfaction for any media translation projects, regardless large or small projects. Please feel free to contact below method.
Telephone: (001) 888-992-4678
Live Help at the right bottom

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Transn Joins Hands with Mango TV to Achieve the Smooth Living Broadcast of the 90th Oscar Award Ceremony

In the morning of March 5 (Beijing time), the 90th Oscar Award Ceremony was ended in the Dolby Theatre, Hollywood, Los Angeles. The Shape of Water awarded the best film and the director Guillermo •Del •Toro won the big prize of best director for the first time, Gary •Oldman was successfully crowned movie king by means of Darkest Hour, and Frances •McDormand, playing the part of “angry mother” in the Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri awarded movie queen once again.

For this Oscar Award Ceremony, Transn joins hands with Mango TV to present an “understandable” “Fight for Oscar Golden Statuette”. As the translation partner for the live show, Transn perfectly presents the authentic Oscar Award Ceremony for Mango TV and audiences from written translation (translation for the related script of the program, process, introduction, competition program &lyrics and other documents), simultaneous interpretation (the interpretation of the live broadcast), speed recording, revising, subtitle, fine revising and other all-around translation services.

Transn Joins Hands with Mango TV to Achieve the Smooth Living Broadcast of the 90th Oscar Award Ceremony (3)

Simultaneous interpretation + subtitle, Transn let you know more about the Oscar Award Ceremony

Just like the regular living program, based on the demands of network broadcast, Transn sends multiple teachers in the aspects of simultaneous interpretation, Chinese stenograph, subtitle and fine revising, etc. via the intelligentized fourth party-multilingual information service platform, namely, the accurate and fast matching capacity of Transn for the first time via, so as to build the translation project team to arrive at the scene for implementation. Based on the instantaneity and accuracy of network broadcast, each translator is the experienced master to avoid the translation blind spot of junior translator and machine translation, which captures the highlights of the scene and records the splendid moment of the Oscar Award Ceremony for all audiences.

Simultaneous interpretation and subtitle translation have own difficulties, you can imagine the difficulty of the integrated one. Each aspect can be called a high challenge from winner list, field acceptance speech, sharing &interaction to Chinese-English expression differentiation, simultaneous match of subtitle and the accurate acquisition of English voice in the scene. With excellent professional skills and spot contingency ability, the teachers of the translation project team in Transn make domestic audiences see an “understandable” Oscar Award Ceremony.Transn Joins Hands with Mango TV to Achieve the Smooth Living Broadcast of the 90th Oscar Award Ceremony (1)

Global various large-scale activities + translation of over 100 foreign blockbusters boosts translators to achieve the peak of translation

In recent years, besides serving for the translation of Oscar network broadcast in China, Transn also has participated in the Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo, World University Games, World Internet Conference-Wuzhen Summit, Global Mobile Internet Conference, Beijing International Film Festival, BRICS Leaders Meeting and other large-scale activities for translation. The team leader of the media translation project in Transn said that: “the probability of an interpreter taking part in the translation project of a large-scale international activity is just like the probability of an athlete taking part in an Olympic Game”. Just because of rare chance, the translation of project of these large-scale activities becomes the aspirational area for lots of translators to exercise skills. And in high-intensive on-site interpretation, interpreter can rapidly promote the quality of its works and own popularity.

In the aspect of international music festival activities, Transn also undertakes the translation works of the 60th Grammy Awards Ceremony exclusively broadcasted by Tencent. Transn provides the language technology services for live broadcasting including simultaneous interpretation, shorthand, subtitle producing, film production. With originality, the translators of Transn delivers the charm of Grammy Music Festival for Chinese music fans, and the grand ceremony is watched by more than 6 million people on the whole network. It promotes the dream of achieving “zero national boundary” in music industry: accurate translation conveys the feelings and ideas of the music festival, and although it is across the screen, hundreds of millions of music fans can still feel the passion and charm of Bruno Mars, lady gaga, Kendrick larmar and other international singers on the spot.

In addition, the Darkest Hour, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Coco, Ferdinand, Baby Driver, Kong: Skull Island, Beauty and the Beast and many other films translated by Transn have awarded the Oscar nominations, and even won more big prizes. In recent two years, Transn has accumulatively translated more than 100 foreign blockbusters. And its service quality and reputation win a favorable reception in the industry, and it opens up the door to the supreme of film translation for global film translation fans. For the translators yearning for the personal experience of large international activity translation project, e.g., Oscar, just join Transn and have a try.transn joins hands with mango tv to achieve the smooth living broadcast of the 90th oscar award ceremony (2)_副本

As the multilingual information processor and language service provider leading in the domestic language service industry, the service ability of Transn is ranking third in Asia and No. 19 in the world respectively (source: America CSA report). Its original TRANSN is the fourth-party language service platform based on big data and mobile Internet technology, capable of integrating global interpreters and language service agent, so as to provide scene-based translation and multilingual information services for enterprises and individual. At present, it has had nearly 1 million registered translators, accumulatively applied and obtained nearly 300 patents and more than 100 software copyrights, its business scope covers more than 50 fields, such as, international engineering, equipment manufacturing, movie & TV media, information &message, cross-border electronic commerce, cultural tourism, service outsourcing, conference & exhibition.

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PowerEcho Released In ATA, Transn Embarked On Globalization

According to sources concerned, the 58th annual conference of ATA (American Translators Association, ATA in short) was successfully held in Washington D.C. on October 25th . During the 3-day feast, PowerEcho Global version, one pioneering product by essence of AICT (AI Corporate Translation), was officially released in ATA.

PowerEcho Global Verison Published in Global Markets
ATA Annual Conference is a world-renowned feast to gather worldwide translators and interpreters. The goal of the conference is to boost translators and interpreters’career path. ATA is a professional association founded to advance the translation and interpreting professions and foster the professional development of individual translators and interpreters. Its over 10,000 members in more than more than 100 countries include translators, interpreters, teachers, project managers, web and software developers, language company owners, hospitals, universities, and government agencies.

The global release of PowerEcho (by Transn IOL) undoutedly will pave the way for China Language Service Providers to enter into global markets.

The ATA Conference is a global event for translators, which aims to enhance the professionalism and competence of translators and interpreters and promote their career development. According to information, there will be more than 1,700 leading talents in the industry: such as translation associations, researchers, translation-related training institutions, top-level enterprises around the globe. As one of the exhibitors at this conference, PowerEcho debuted as the authoritative stage of the international translator industry, attracting more international translators to join in and opening the way for the Chinese language service industry to enter the international market.

According to statistics, the world’s traditional translation industry will reach 44.5 billion U.S. dollars in 2017 and 53 billion U.S. dollars in 2020. To face huge market demand, Transn IOL Technolgy Coporation provides “natural habitats” for translators and translation teams and offers product PowerEcho. As a new starting point for globlization in ATA Annual Conference, PowerEcho aims to promote deep penetration in the language service industry by AI technology and help domestic language service industry to transform and upgrade rapidly.
PowerEcho, with combination of MT and translators, empowers promising AI-aided language services

The rapid integration of artificial intelligence and language services industry also inevitably brought impact to practitioners. Before 2011, due to the low accuracy of machine translation, MT was criticized. However, with the application of artificial intelligence technology, the accuracy of machine translation is rapidly improved, and a few peers in language industry are beginning to try the combination way of MT and translators.


It is worth mentioning that, based on the open Internet model, PowerEcho has realized online real-time communication and collaboration based on the Internet and free translation workflow by integrating abundant practical tools. In addition to the traditional TM model, artificial intelligence technology has been introduced to allow AI to work with translators and teams in a collaborative manner. In short, PowerEcho has following features:

1.Artificial intelligence embedded
AI aided and automatic error correction with 30% efficiency improved and 90% error decreased.

2.Collaborative Translations Synchronized Online
Agile translation workflow with synchronized translation review. Cost-saving by data re-use with 50% project cycle deduced.
3.Language Assets Protection

Cloud assets storage and access management with over 5300 million in-store data


Under the global AI outbreaks, PowerEcho has tapped into global language service markets. With the exhibition on ATA Conference, PowerEcho release will promote the new translation mode to go overseas and be one of the driving forces for global language services by rich productivity.

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