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Transn Joins Hands with Mango TV to Achieve the Smooth Living Broadcast of the 90th Oscar Award Ceremony

In the morning of March 5 (Beijing time), the 90th Oscar Award Ceremony was ended in the Dolby Theatre, Hollywood, Los Angeles. The Shape of Water awarded the best film and the director Guillermo •Del •Toro won the big prize of best director for the first time, Gary •Oldman was successfully crowned movie king by means of Darkest Hour, and Frances •McDormand, playing the part of “angry mother” in the Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri awarded movie queen once again.

For this Oscar Award Ceremony, Transn joins hands with Mango TV to present an “understandable” “Fight for Oscar Golden Statuette”. As the translation partner for the live show, Transn perfectly presents the authentic Oscar Award Ceremony for Mango TV and audiences from written translation (translation for the related script of the program, process, introduction, competition program &lyrics and other documents), simultaneous interpretation (the interpretation of the live broadcast), speed recording, revising, subtitle, fine revising and other all-around translation services.

Transn Joins Hands with Mango TV to Achieve the Smooth Living Broadcast of the 90th Oscar Award Ceremony (3)

Simultaneous interpretation + subtitle, Transn let you know more about the Oscar Award Ceremony

Just like the regular living program, based on the demands of network broadcast, Transn sends multiple teachers in the aspects of simultaneous interpretation, Chinese stenograph, subtitle and fine revising, etc. via the intelligentized fourth party-multilingual information service platform, namely, the accurate and fast matching capacity of Transn for the first time via, so as to build the translation project team to arrive at the scene for implementation. Based on the instantaneity and accuracy of network broadcast, each translator is the experienced master to avoid the translation blind spot of junior translator and machine translation, which captures the highlights of the scene and records the splendid moment of the Oscar Award Ceremony for all audiences.

Simultaneous interpretation and subtitle translation have own difficulties, you can imagine the difficulty of the integrated one. Each aspect can be called a high challenge from winner list, field acceptance speech, sharing &interaction to Chinese-English expression differentiation, simultaneous match of subtitle and the accurate acquisition of English voice in the scene. With excellent professional skills and spot contingency ability, the teachers of the translation project team in Transn make domestic audiences see an “understandable” Oscar Award Ceremony.Transn Joins Hands with Mango TV to Achieve the Smooth Living Broadcast of the 90th Oscar Award Ceremony (1)

Global various large-scale activities + translation of over 100 foreign blockbusters boosts translators to achieve the peak of translation

In recent years, besides serving for the translation of Oscar network broadcast in China, Transn also has participated in the Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo, World University Games, World Internet Conference-Wuzhen Summit, Global Mobile Internet Conference, Beijing International Film Festival, BRICS Leaders Meeting and other large-scale activities for translation. The team leader of the media translation project in Transn said that: “the probability of an interpreter taking part in the translation project of a large-scale international activity is just like the probability of an athlete taking part in an Olympic Game”. Just because of rare chance, the translation of project of these large-scale activities becomes the aspirational area for lots of translators to exercise skills. And in high-intensive on-site interpretation, interpreter can rapidly promote the quality of its works and own popularity.

In the aspect of international music festival activities, Transn also undertakes the translation works of the 60th Grammy Awards Ceremony exclusively broadcasted by Tencent. Transn provides the language technology services for live broadcasting including simultaneous interpretation, shorthand, subtitle producing, film production. With originality, the translators of Transn delivers the charm of Grammy Music Festival for Chinese music fans, and the grand ceremony is watched by more than 6 million people on the whole network. It promotes the dream of achieving “zero national boundary” in music industry: accurate translation conveys the feelings and ideas of the music festival, and although it is across the screen, hundreds of millions of music fans can still feel the passion and charm of Bruno Mars, lady gaga, Kendrick larmar and other international singers on the spot.

In addition, the Darkest Hour, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Coco, Ferdinand, Baby Driver, Kong: Skull Island, Beauty and the Beast and many other films translated by Transn have awarded the Oscar nominations, and even won more big prizes. In recent two years, Transn has accumulatively translated more than 100 foreign blockbusters. And its service quality and reputation win a favorable reception in the industry, and it opens up the door to the supreme of film translation for global film translation fans. For the translators yearning for the personal experience of large international activity translation project, e.g., Oscar, just join Transn and have a try.transn joins hands with mango tv to achieve the smooth living broadcast of the 90th oscar award ceremony (2)_副本

As the multilingual information processor and language service provider leading in the domestic language service industry, the service ability of Transn is ranking third in Asia and No. 19 in the world respectively (source: America CSA report). Its original TRANSN is the fourth-party language service platform based on big data and mobile Internet technology, capable of integrating global interpreters and language service agent, so as to provide scene-based translation and multilingual information services for enterprises and individual. At present, it has had nearly 1 million registered translators, accumulatively applied and obtained nearly 300 patents and more than 100 software copyrights, its business scope covers more than 50 fields, such as, international engineering, equipment manufacturing, movie & TV media, information &message, cross-border electronic commerce, cultural tourism, service outsourcing, conference & exhibition.

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Transn Ranks 3rd in Asia and 19th in the world

2015: Transn Ranks 3rd in Asia and 19th in the world

TIME:2015-12-17 11:38:35  COMFORM:  AUTHOR:


Recently, America’s famous language industry research agency Common Sense Advisory issued the report “The Language Services Market: 2015”. As an annual summary of translation and interpretation service industry, the report included the list of the Top 100 language service providers in the world.

Among the Top 100 global language service enterprises, Transn (China) Technology Co., Ltd. ranks 3rd in Asia and 19th in the world. Compared with its rankings in 2014, Transn moved up two places into Top 3 in Asia and eight places into Top 20 in the world.

Transn is a new-style multilingual information processing service provider in today’s big data and mobile Internet era. This over-ten-year-old company created the “Internet of Language (IOL)” by integrating the Internet with language processing, developed its embedded apps in ten sectors including cross-border E-commerce, international engineering, equipment manufacturing, film & TV media, cultural tourism, service outsourcing, etc. Moreover, with its powerful language service capability, Transn provided integrated solutions for China’s large-scale overseas projects, manufacturing introduction and major transnational cooperation and international conferences.

With world-leading core technologies and innovative business models, Transn was rated as one of China’s earliest “Demonstration Enterprises of Innovative Development of the Modern Service Industry.” It built the first “Multilingual Information Processing Industry Base” in the Optics Valley Software Park and the only provincial multilingual engineering and technological research center in China. Its independent research and development of the “T-cloud” translation service platform was taken as a typical promotion case by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the PRC. As the national key culture-technology integration enterprise, Transn was selected as one of the national key cultural export enterprises. Meanwhile, “Transn International Film & TV Platform” was listed as one of the national key cultural expert projects.

In the future, Transn will be persistent in its pursuit of technological, management and model innovation and make constant effort to guide the direction of the industrial development.

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Transn’s Zero Tolerance Policy for Fraud

TIME:2015-08-20 17:03:00  COMFORM:  AUTHOR:

“I got a call from him yesterday. He said he was a project manager with XX Information Technology Co., Ltd. and that he hoped to enter into long-term cooperation with me, but he needed me to do a free 2,000 word sample translation first,” said a defrauded translator. Believing the lies that this man had told over the phone, the translator handed over the 2,000-word translation to the man without signing any contract. After this, the man disappeared without a trace.
Cases of fraud in the language service industry have been mushrooming as of late. Translators and language service providers whose rights and interests have been infringed upon have been growing in number. Anti-fraud has become a common problem facing language service providers. To safeguard translators’ lawful rights and interests and crack down on such types of fraud, an intensive anti-fraud effort has gradually unfolded within the industry.
On April 18, Transn joined hands with numerous other language service industry providers in announcing the establishment of the China Language Service Industry Anti-fraud Alliance. They also released the “Anti-fraud Declaration”. The declaration stated:

  1. We respect translators’ lawful rights and interests as well as their finished work products.
    For this reason, we will spare no effort in assisting translators in dealing with instances of fraud and establish a system to protect translators. We will work from all sides to feasibly safeguard the lawful rights and interests of translators.
  2. In cooperation with a great number of language service providers and translators, we will establish the “China Language Service Industry Anti-fraud Alliance” and build a nationwide anti-fraud network to expose lawbreakers. Through this, we shall promote the healthy development of China’s language service industry,
  3. We will keep enhancing our relations with translators and language service provides to establish a style of honest cooperation.

As a major language service provider in China, Transn has always kept a watchful eye on the vital interests of translators. The company suggests that in the event of potential fraud hazards, please pay attention to:

  1. Promptly collecting and verifying the relevant information of translation project dispatchers and account settlement contact people such as project managers. This information includes identity information, contact information, and account information.
  2. Promptly verifying project details such as the assignment process, project cycle, and word count.
    III. Promptly saving evidence obtained during communication with contact people. This can include written, recorded, and other types of evidence.
  3. In the event of perceiving that a contact person is behaving suspiciously, translators should seek help from the companies in whose names they were contacted at the earliest possible time so as to avoid damage.

The anti-fraud call has just been sounded. More translators and language service providers are needed to join the anti-fraud campaign. Together, we will build an environment that is free from fraud and leave criminals with no place to hide, making a genuine contribution to the healthy development of China’s language service industry.


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Professional Translation from Malaysian Language to English

Professional Translation from Malaysian Language to English

Reliable Company

Transn ranks 3rd in Asia and 19th in the world, which has more than 800 employees and 30,000 freelance translators worldwide. We provided professional translation for Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo, Guangzhou Asian Games, ets.

Transn matches you prefectly

Transn has professional translation team and efficient translation standard operating procedure, which ensures the professional, accuracy and standardized of translation. As well as, we are outstanding member of the Translator Association of China and ISO9001 certified language service provider.

Translators of Transn distribute all over the world, and our translation can match your needs in different cultural background perfectly. In order to better serve customers in Malaysia, our professional translators are proficient in understanding vernacular languages in Malaysia and translating into mother tongue, such as: Bahasa, Malay, Mandarin, etc.

Services Provided

Transn offers various and fast language products and services including documents translation, certified translation, website translation, transcription, talent, subtitling and software localization in over 50 fields such as petroleum, petrochemicals, the automobile industry, law, communications, publications, conventions & exhibitions, resources, electricity, education and media,. We have processed over 8.5 billion words in total.

Trans provides Malaysian translation services including: Malaysian documents, Malaysian immigration translation, Malaysian media translation, etc.


The reasons of choosing Transn solutions——Authority,Fast,Save,Professional

1. Professional translators :
Our experienced and trusted translators in worldwide who understand your language and culture can translate it in your own desired one such as English, Japanese, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.
2. Excellent fast
Transn opens 24/7, and it can scale your requirements immediately and can provide fast feedback and professional translation.100% delivery on time. As well as, Transn supports files include Microsoft Word, PPT, PDF, as well as contents in the system of HTML, JAVA, ASP, PHP, XML, etc.3. Experienced Company
One of the most famous ISO9001 translation agencies
More than ten years experiences
Cooperate with world top 500 enterprises
4. Security
Transn tries its best to safe guard your document. We will not reveal your documents to any third party.

Transn has carried out in-depth cooperation with a host of Fortune Global 500 Companies:


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Translation Companies Can do More Than You Think


When you greet someone, do you ever think about what the future of your relationship will look like? Do you still use “hello” as an opening remark for communication? What is the main communication word in the future? Since the birth of the internet, communication habits have changed. Also, the standard dialect has become a mainstream language used all over the word. Translation companies are a new type of company raised in this century, thus it has an important responsibility.

  • Luke, who is Malaysian, is one of our translation customers. He runs his own business in Malaysia, and he wants his children to go to the United States for education. Before he found us, he said, “I only have a week to prepare the certificate. The first thing I need to do is find a translation company.”Transn provides a series of certificate translation services for Luke. “In only 24 hours, I received my results. I cannot believe it!” he said.

The manager of Transn Global told him, “Malays is a scarce language compared to other common languages in the world. The responsibility of Transn is to keep diversity of language, but our customers could also use our translation services to travel and experience the world.”

According to recent studies, 7000 languages will disappear by the end of this century, meaning that only few people will speak their own languages fluently. Today, only 10 languages are used by half of the world’s population. There is no doubt that people tend to speak common languages, such as English, to communicate easier. Can we just ask ourselves “Will we become a monolingual speaker?”

Translators have been regarded as an important way to connect people who cannot speak each other’s native languages. Demand for translating documents for various sectors has increased; Simultaneous interpreting has also become an important connection. Accurate translation can help people keep their own language and reduce the language barriers in different language environments they encounter.

Transn has been considered as a high quality translation company with a good reputation, which services over 30 languages for customers. It not only helps you to connect with the world and find your true home, but it also will give you a new view of the world; you will understand why the global world looks so fabulous.


Now, Christmas sales are coming. Transn is ready to give you the biggest discount of this year. Don’t miss this moment!
Use coupon code “merry25” and get 25% off from December 6, 2016 to January 5, 2017.
Hurry up, guys!

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2016 Transn Thanksgiving Day Event Promotion

2016 Transn Thanksgiving Day Event Promotion

2016 Transn thanksgiving Day Event Promotion

Nov 16th 00:00 Hrs to Dec 4th 23:59 Hrs

*All are based on CST (China Standard Time)


The worldwide holiday, Thanksgiving Day has returned.

The day that we give thanks for all the things that we have been given.

The day that we look for the GOOD inside everything that is happening around us.

All the companies and public institutions including Transn Translation Service are off during the season.

Please find below special VOUCHER and Transn GIFT for sharing happiness of Thanksgiving Holiday.



– Any inquiry and request sent to will be responded in 12 hours.

– Messages and questions sent through facebook and website Live chat will be responded in 24 hours.


Thanksgiving Holiday Special Voucher


– $50USD voucher credit for 500 People.

– Voucher Code: THANKSGIVING

– Valid during holidays (from Nov 16th 00:00 Hrs to Nov 30th 23:59 Hrs)

Don’t forget to spend your $50USD Thanksgiving voucher by November 30th, 2016! 

Attention:The Voucher is applicable to all translation orders exceeding $100.


 Thanksgiving Holiday Transn GIFT


Just register and submit this Thanksgiving Day event form  (, Participants will get a gift(16GB Card Flash Driver) from Transn.

Gift will shipped out in three days since you submit your form successfully. (The shipping time will be 7-10 days)

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Notice on “Fighting Industry Fraud to Protect the Rights and Interests of Translators”

TIME:2015-08-20 17:04:07  COMFORM:  AUTHOR:

Recently, lawbreakers have impersonated Transn Company in order to seek cooperation with translators and translation companies. They have unscrupulously carried out promotion and fraud and disappeared after obtaining the manuscripts of translators and translation companies. This kind of fraud seriously violates the economic interests and other rights of Transn’s collaborative translators and suppliers. Additionally, it also endangers the sound development of the Chinese language service industry.

At this point, Transn states that apart from Transn’s project managers and collaborative suppliers, Transn has not given authority to any entity or individual to dispatch language services. All translators and translation companies are kindly requested to step up your vigilance and work together with Transn to fight against fraud. Transn will seriously, conscientiously, and without leniency make full efforts to assist relevant departments in cracking down on this kind of fraud as well as safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of translators.


. How to identify Transn Company? (Identifying Information of Transn Company)

  1. Transn Company will invariably operate under the name of “Transn”
  1. The primary methods of contacting Transn’s translators are:

Email in the form: English name. Chinese

with the signature line:

Instant messaging software (QQ/MSN) in the form of “传神-中文姓名”

Service Tel: 400-611-5131
Tel (Wuhan):027-59738888
Tel (Beijing):010-58789000

  1. Manuscript dispatch manner

TPM: each collaborating translator has his own TPM account to receive and deliver tasks through TPM.Dispatching process: PMs upload orders to TQ, while the translators log in TQ to receive the manuscripts and deliver the final drafts upon completion.


. As a translator or a tiered supplier, how to safeguard your own rights and interests to reduce the fraud risk? 
In order to safeguard the common interests of translators and take preventative measures, it is recommended that the following methods be used by translators when communicating with Transn:

  1. Collecting information

In the course of communication, collect information regarding PMs dispatching manuscripts and settlement contacts, including but not limited to:

a) Proof of identification. If the contact is a legal person, obtain information about its business license. If it is an individual, obtain ID information.

b) Contact information. Collect the telephone number, fax number, email, QQ number, and numbers of other network communication tools of the contact.

c) Account information. Collect information about the special account that the contact used to pay the translation remuneration. At the very least information on the following three items should be collected: account name, account number and opening bank.

After collecting the aforementioned information, please verify whether the information provided by the contact is consistent with the authentication information of Transn and try to make contact with your acquaintance in Transn to verify whether this contact is the staff member responsible for the project.

  1. Verifying project details

a) In case of emergency, the contact will ask the translator to do the project first and then upload the order to TQ later. In this kind of situation, please make contact with the Transn project manager for confirmation.

b) Prior to the start of the project, please make sure to confirm the details of the project, including project cycle, word count, language direction, manuscript submission format, the price of some special projects, and similar points. This is so as to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings occurring later on due to both sides being unclear about requirements.

  1. Saving the evidence

Translators should avoid determining translation affairs with the contact in accordance with oral agreements. Instead, evidence should be saved carefully and in a timely manner. In particular, information related to the calculation basis, amount, and payout day for the translation remuneration should definitely be kept as evidence.

a) Written evidence. This includes paper documents, SMS messages, emails, chat logs of network communication tools and others for identifying and coordinating translation tasks.

b) Recording evidence. In the process of remote communications, translators should set up recording function to save well the sound recordings.

  1. If defrauded or maliciously denied payment of translation remuneration, translators should take the following measures:

a) Contact Transn at the earliest possible time to detail the full story.

b) Provide the information of the contact and relevant evidence according to the requirements of Transn.

c) Cooperate with Transn in seeking legal remedies.


A Cheat proof Case

A translator received a telephone call from a person claiming to be from Wuhan XX IT Co., Ltd. The person stated that he had been introduced by an employee of Transn and that he hoped Transn would perform a 2,000 character translation.
Case Analysis:

  1. If a test translation is required, in general, an internal Transn employee will personally contact the translator rather than going through a third party.
  2. Transn’s test translations are generally not more than 1,000 characters. Generally, they will be approximately 500 characters.

Solution: Contact Transn at the earliest possible time to verify so as not to be deceived.

. Transn has zero tolerance for fraud!
Upon receiving complaints from related translators, for fraud, Transn will seriously, conscientiously, and without leniency designate personnel to investigate the whole story, collect evidence and information to report to industry and commerce administration and public security and other competent departments, and make full efforts to assist translators in dealing with this kind of fraud and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of translators. If you encounter any signs of language service industry fraud, please contact us. We will use an incentive mechanism to reward cash bonuses to individuals or work units that provide valuable clues. We will provide a cash bonus of 500-5000 yuan for valuable hints. Report Hotline: 027-59713549
To better fight against fraud and other criminal acts, Transn will join hands with language service providers and translators in jointly establishing the “China Language Service Industry Anti-Fraud Association”, which will safeguard the sound development of the language service industry.

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Transn’s “IOL” & Innovative Language Service Products Attract Wide Attention at CHTF 2013

TIME:2015-08-20 17:20:22  COMFORM:  AUTHOR:

From November 16 to 21, the 15th China Hi-Tech Fair (CHTF 2013) took place in Shenzhen under the theme of Stick to the Path of Innovation-driven Development and Improve the Quality of Economic Growth. CHTF is China’s largest and most influential high-tech event, known as the No. 1 Chinese high-tech exhibition. Transn showed up at the software and IT service zone of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) with IOL and its innovative language service products, demonstrating the unique charm of language service.

Under the theme of IOL makes language service be used as conveniently as running water and electric power are used, Transn showcased language service applications close to users in fields such as foreign trade, commerce, tourism and notarization. Through holographic projection, the service model and innovative points of the IOL platform were demonstrated dynamically. Also, Transn set up an experience zone specific to various industries, presenting a collection of applications like Mail Power, Story Trip, PPY, Pitaya, Notarization Translation and a Multilingual Public Opinion Analysis System, attracting swarms of visitors to experience direct communication in their native languages with others.

During the exhibition, Transn’s booth drew wide attention and strong support from leaders from all walks of life. Guests including Yang Xueshan, vice minister of industry and information technology and Chen Wei, director of the soft service department at MIIT, specially visited the booth to inspect the IOL language service platform. They spoke highly of Transn’s innovative breakthroughs in the language service industry.

In addition, after the Cloud Translation Service Platform won the Excellent Product Award at previous CHTFs, the Transn Multilingual Work Platform Public Opinion Analysis System stood out again at CHTF 2013 to garner the award, gaining unanimous praise from experts from all walks of life as well as the organizing committee.

Transn IOL Technology Co.,Ltd.

Transn IOL Technology Co.,Ltd.

Transn IOL Technology Co.,Ltd.

Transn IOL Technology Co.,Ltd.

Full view of Transn booth

Full view of Transn booth

Yang Xueshan, vice minister of the Industry and Information Technology Bureau and Chen Wei, director of the soft service department of MIIT visited Transn booth

Yang Xueshan, vice minister of the Industry and Information Technology Bureau and Chen Wei, director of the soft service department of MIIT visited Transn booth

Director General Wu Zhizhen and Deputy Director General Zhao Xing of the Wuhan Science and Technology Bureau visited Transn booth

Director General Wu Zhizhen and Deputy Director General Zhao Xing of the Wuhan Science and Technology Bureau visited Transn booth

Director General Wu Zhizhen and Deputy Director General Zhao Xing of the Wuhan Science and Technology Bureau visited Transn booth

Director General Wu Zhizhen and Deputy Director General Zhao Xing of the Wuhan Science and Technology Bureau visited Transn booth

Vice Chairman Wang Jianmin and Chief Chen Jiangong of the Hubei Economy and Information Technology Commission, and Hu Daping, deputy director of the Wuhan Information Industry Office visited Transn booth

Vice Chairman Wang Jianmin and Chief Chen Jiangong of the Hubei Economy and Information Technology Commission, and Hu Daping, deputy director of the Wuhan Information Industry Office visited Transn booth

Vice Chairman Wang Jianmin and Chief Chen Jiangong of the Hubei Economy and Information Technology Commission, and Hu Daping, deputy director of the Wuhan Information Industry Office visited Transn booth

Guests from all walks of life visited Transn booth

Guests from all walks of life visited Transn booth

Guests from all walks of life visited Transn booth

Guests from all walks of life visited Transn booth

Guests from all walks of life visited Transn booth

Many visitors experienced various language service applications at Transn booth

Many visitors experienced various language service applications at Transn booth

Transn Multilingual Work Platform; Public Opinion Analysis System; won the Excellent Product Award

Transn Multilingual Work Platform – Public Opinion Analysis System” won the “Excellent Product Award

Transn won the title of; Excellent Exhibitor

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“Making Concerted Efforts to Achieve Goals”–Transn 2013 H1-H2 Work Conference is Successfully Held

TIME:2015-08-20 17:22:18  COMFORM:  AUTHOR:

From July 5 to 8, 2013, the Transn 2013 H1-H2 Work Conference took place in Wuhan with the participation of Transn’s managers from across the country. Under the theme of “making concerted efforts to achieve goals”, through sessions that included presentations, group discussions and team collaboration, the two-day conference enhanced the managers’ understanding of the company, strengthened the spirit of human-oriented corporate development and underscored the building of Transn’s “T-blood culture”.
At the conference, CPE focused on expounding Transn’s key missions and development plans for the second half of 2013 from the aspects of development review and prospects, core competitiveness and technical strategy. President He Enpei summed up Transn’s development in the first half of 2013, making elaborate arrangements for Transn’s development objectives and strategies in the second half of the year. He stressed that all of Transn’s staff should bear in mind the concept of “equal emphasis on growth and expansion and the parallel development of services & platforms”, guiding themselves with “T-blood” culture and persevering to enact the spirit of “the nail with a bent tip”, thus steadily advancing Transn’s great development in the second half of 2013.
During the conference, team collaboration, team building and badminton games were organized to enhance the management’s awareness and boost the collaboration ability and performance of the “T-blood” team.



Venue of Transn’s 2013 H1-H2 Work Conference


A group photo during the conference


A group photo during the team collaboration

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“IOL” Formally Launched – Initiating a New Model of Language Service

TIME:2015-08-20 17:23:16  COMFORM:  AUTHOR:

At 3pm on July 5, 2013, the launch & experience conference for “IOL” organized by Transn took place at the Optics Valley of China in Wuhan. Guests present were from all walks of life, including heads of departments and bureaus such as the Science and Technology Department of Hubei Province, the Hubei Economy and Information Technology Commission, the Department of Commerce of Hubei Province, the Hubei Provincial Department of Culture, the Foreign Affairs (Overseas Chinese Affairs) Office of the Hubei Provincial People’s Government and the Hubei Administration of Press and Publication, Radio, Film and Television, heads of relevant entities in Wuhan City and Wuhan East Lake High-tech Development Zone, representatives of member entities of the China Language Service Industry Alliance, representatives of IOL suppliers and freelance translators from home and abroad, representatives of service providers and developers in various fields, customer representatives, representatives of “IOL” developers, builders and service providers, as well as public representatives eligible to attend the conference through online competition. They experienced the innovative applications of “IOL” and overseas friends participated in the activity via the bilingual live page.
Through video explanation, interaction and demonstration, etc, Transn presented publically for the first time the work scene of “IOL” as well as its application products like “Mail Power”, “Pitaya” and “Story Trip” in a wide range of fields such as e-commerce, international trade, film & TV culture, international exchange and language services. The attendees personally felt the unique charm of “IOL” after learning of its innovative service format and unique communication experience!
The “IOL” platform is committed to making human communication barrier-free. It is a multilingual intelligent network facilitating fast and barrier-free communication, as well as a fourth-party service platform in the field of language service. It adopts the use of the “power grid” service model, uses patented technologies such as genetic matching and fragmented processing, controls and schedules various language resources with network communication and artificial intelligence technologies, thus ensuring that all users enjoy stable and controllable language services and use them as conveniently as they use water and electricity.
In the future, “IOL” will be committed to becoming a foundation platform acknowledged by the language service industry and the infrastructure of global economic construction. By 2017, it will have 20,000 effective APPs, 20,000 effective registered and certified suppliers, as well as 200,000 effective registered freelance translators, thus effectively promoting industrial upgrading and the formation of the industry chain, becoming a major driving force for international economic integration and foreign trade transformation and upgrading.

Mr. Shi Xin, person in charge of “IOL”, introduced “IOL” to guests


Launch ceremony for “IOL”

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