Professional Translation from Malaysian Language to English

Professional Translation from Malaysian Language to English

Reliable Company

Transn ranks 3rd in Asia and 19th in the world, which has more than 800 employees and 30,000 freelance translators worldwide. We provided professional translation for Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo, Guangzhou Asian Games, ets.

Transn matches you prefectly

Transn has professional translation team and efficient translation standard operating procedure, which ensures the professional, accuracy and standardized of translation. As well as, we are outstanding member of the Translator Association of China and ISO9001 certified language service provider.

Translators of Transn distribute all over the world, and our translation can match your needs in different cultural background perfectly. In order to better serve customers in Malaysia, our professional translators are proficient in understanding vernacular languages in Malaysia and translating into mother tongue, such as: Bahasa, Malay, Mandarin, etc.

Services Provided

Transn offers various and fast language products and services including documents translation, certified translation, website translation, transcription, talent, subtitling and software localization in over 50 fields such as petroleum, petrochemicals, the automobile industry, law, communications, publications, conventions & exhibitions, resources, electricity, education and media,. We have processed over 8.5 billion words in total.

Trans provides Malaysian translation services including: Malaysian documents, Malaysian immigration translation, Malaysian media translation, etc.


The reasons of choosing Transn solutions——Authority,Fast,Save,Professional

1. Professional translators :
Our experienced and trusted translators in worldwide who understand your language and culture can translate it in your own desired one such as English, Japanese, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.
2. Excellent fast
Transn opens 24/7, and it can scale your requirements immediately and can provide fast feedback and professional translation.100% delivery on time. As well as, Transn supports files include Microsoft Word, PPT, PDF, as well as contents in the system of HTML, JAVA, ASP, PHP, XML, etc.3. Experienced Company
One of the most famous ISO9001 translation agencies
More than ten years experiences
Cooperate with world top 500 enterprises
4. Security
Transn tries its best to safe guard your document. We will not reveal your documents to any third party.

Transn has carried out in-depth cooperation with a host of Fortune Global 500 Companies:


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