“Making Concerted Efforts to Achieve Goals”–Transn 2013 H1-H2 Work Conference is Successfully Held

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From July 5 to 8, 2013, the Transn 2013 H1-H2 Work Conference took place in Wuhan with the participation of Transn’s managers from across the country. Under the theme of “making concerted efforts to achieve goals”, through sessions that included presentations, group discussions and team collaboration, the two-day conference enhanced the managers’ understanding of the company, strengthened the spirit of human-oriented corporate development and underscored the building of Transn’s “T-blood culture”.
At the conference, CPE focused on expounding Transn’s key missions and development plans for the second half of 2013 from the aspects of development review and prospects, core competitiveness and technical strategy. President He Enpei summed up Transn’s development in the first half of 2013, making elaborate arrangements for Transn’s development objectives and strategies in the second half of the year. He stressed that all of Transn’s staff should bear in mind the concept of “equal emphasis on growth and expansion and the parallel development of services & platforms”, guiding themselves with “T-blood” culture and persevering to enact the spirit of “the nail with a bent tip”, thus steadily advancing Transn’s great development in the second half of 2013.
During the conference, team collaboration, team building and badminton games were organized to enhance the management’s awareness and boost the collaboration ability and performance of the “T-blood” team.



Venue of Transn’s 2013 H1-H2 Work Conference


A group photo during the conference


A group photo during the team collaboration

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