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Some of you may don’t know the benefits of game translation and localization services that would create for a business man or a game company wanting to expand international market. With the continual trend of globalization, consumers are more likely to try products and services from foreign countries. Translating games from one language to other targeting languages is common for today’s game company. Your game deserves high quality translations localized by keen gamers and professional translators. A quick-witted marketer must be good at finding a niche. So you should be the one and we are here to assist you.

transn game localization

Transn provides various game translation and localization services including:
Recording and Dubbing of Video Game Translation Services
Game Translation Project Management
Localization of Gaming Translation services
Video Game Subtitle Translation services
Translation of Games

We are now focusing more on game translation and localization services than ever before. We’ll hold our high quality, price affordability, accuracy, efficiency still, and at the same time give more new technical support and applications to make it better. We have cooperated with a great number of customers on game translation project, most of which are many AAA level games for all platforms including PC, browser-based, Console, MMO and mobile games for IOS & Android. And we welcome more customers with such demands to get in touch with us, to get personal service with an expert localization project manager and guidance throughout your game’s entire lifecycle. This is no doubt the gospel of you all who need the game translation and localization services.

If you want to know more, our 24/7 translation services are available to Contact us. There are various ways to get in touch right here, so you can choose the most appropriate way that suits you. We’ll try our best to resolve your issues efficiently…

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