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Have you heard of WE before?

The IOL WE platform (http://www.wetranslate.today) is an international manual translation platform designed to better meet the work demands of worldwide translators on the Internet. WE has achieved the automatic seamless connection between all links in the whole translation process, including task allocation, online translation and automatic submission of finished tasks. Task will be automatically matched with translators who will then timely get and complete their work on the WE platform.


You can’t miss these highlights of WE

Mobile work style

Flexible task choices

Global customers and diversified tasks

Specific payment rules and rapid withdrawal methods

Friendly and reliable support personnel


What is on WE?

At present, the main type of documents to be translated on the WE platform is the information of products that will be sold around the globe, including their names, features, functions, descriptions, etc. The translation of these documents can be finished within 30 minutes. More types of translation tasks are being released continuously….


Guide for Work on WE

Before work:

You need to pass a small test in which you will translate a passage of about 300 words before you start your work on WE.

Work income:

According to the difficulty degree of you task and your translation level, you will be paid 15 to 20 yuan for each short task and 30 to 50 yuan for each moderate-length task.

Work hours:

The platform will provide around-the-clock service. You can choose your work hours according to your own schedule.

Rapid withdrawal:

You can withdraw your work income to your bank card, Alipay or Paypal.

How to start your work:

  1. Visit the IOL WE platform: http://www.wetranslate.today.
  2. Click “sign up” to register with your personal E-mail. Next, click “create a new account”. (You can log in directly with your registered e-mail if you are a registered user of the IOL.)
  3. You can start the “test” after you sign up and log in.
  4. After you pass the test, you can get and complete your task on the platform. You can apply for payment after your translation is accepted.

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