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The Internet has penetrated into every detail of our daily life and work. Each company has established a website to promote its products and services. For a small company in the country, the site is usually displayed in native language and English. But international companies usually need to translate website in more than 10 languages to transfer information more conveniently to its global target customers.

Website localization is different from simple website translation. If you are doing website localization, it means not only to consider the translation accuracy, also pay attention to the corresponding of customer beliefs, color words taboo, likes and dislikes, customs and so on.

So we can say that translate website to English or into more than a dozen languages is not difficult, but because of different cultural background, customs and habits, Internet natural conditions, the general website translation services providers cannot meet the demand. You deserve an excellent website localization service provider, like Transn, to find the best side of your website and business!

As you adapt your website for other markets, you’ll need to localize all your digital content. That includes video and multimedia, web and mobile apps—as well as illustrations, specialty graphics, eBooks, and other digital documents. That must sound complex and troublesome for businessmen with busy schedule. But stop worrying, Trans will provide you with one-stop professional translation service.

Here you can find the most considerate website localization process at Transn:

  • Website localization requirements analysis:  determine what needs to be localized and what doesn’t.
  • Web translation:  extract the web page content of the translation and do the website translation job.
  • Image and animation localization processing:  dealing with images and animations that need to be localized.
  • Web code translation processing:  replace the source language with the target language, and adjust the html code, then the production of localized version.
  • Site background program localization:  background interface translation and processing, running program localization development.
  • Site localization test:  release localization test version, run test, release test, and make sure the website runs properly.
  • Site localization release:  publish the official version of the website.


With Transn, the process of creating, launching, testing and optimizing websites in multiple languages is both money and time cost effective. Whether your site is an Information portal, an enterprise brand showcase, a transactional site, a community website, an office and government website, an interactive game website or a comprehensive website, Transn’s technical translation services ensure that adapting your site for global markets has never been easier.

We have over 800,000 translators in 140+ countries all over the world to translate webpage for you at site or translate online if you prefer. We are always here to bring out the best in your web. Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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