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3 Types of Translation Services You Will Favor: Medical, Legal and Document Translation Services

There are various types of translation services; we have the document, legal and medical translation services. Each service is considered unique, and it follows a certain process that is particular to the content. Hiring that translation agency who will work closely with their client in order to address your unique needs is essential in order to succeed in your localization project. Translation Company that works professionally will assist you in developing your assets such as translation memory and glossary.
3 Popular Types of Translation Services
We have a vast and varied world of translation. It comes with diverse theories and translation techniques. In this article, we will highlight the 3 most popular types of translation services.

document translation services
1. Document Translation Services
The document translation services involve various types of technical content translation including but not limited to marketing materials, videos, training materials, instruction, online help, and documentation. There are also instances that it involves a wide range of industries which include manufacturing, science, and engineering.
Document translations services will often include desktop publishing software in order to create that ideal format. The screenshot as well as the graphic content will need to be edited to suit the preference of the foreign audience. There are things that you can conduct to make sure that the documents will be ready that will help you reduce the time and cost needed for translation. The client may also require that the document will be delivered in multiple formats such as video, eBook or PDF.

legal translation services
2. Legal Translation Services
Legal translation services will cover an array of documents. It may include different legal works like remittance drafts, corporate status, administrative texts, warrants, and summons. There are also technical documents that need the expert opinions for the any judicial purposes. Translation of the minutes and reports of the court hearing would also fall in this category.
Do not mistake legal translation services for juridical and judicial translation. The judicial translation refers to the translation inside the court setting. Juridical translation, on the other hand, refers to the translation of the legally-binding documents and contracts.

medical translation
3. Medical Translation Services
Medical translation services involve the task of task of translating content like instruction, labels, packaging, and software. The translators may also be required to translate contents related to the product like research documents, quality management, and clinical trial documents.
Considering the nature of the medical field, it is highly recommended to have a partnership with the medical translation services that have a profound experience in this industry. Different countries have unique requirements when it comes to the medical translation so you need to find someone who can navigate efficiently on the requirements.
Apart from medical, legal and document translation services, there are more types of localization services such as financial and literary. The technology and process that works perfectly on these types of translation can also vary. The process that works perfectly for one type of translation service will not make any sense on another translation task.

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