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Multilingual Video Subtitling Services for YouTube Videos

Are you a business owner, in pursuit of the best subtitling services in a variety of languages? Content has been proven to be king and especially when it comes to subtitled YouTube videos. So it is essential that you create engaging videos, featuring informative and straight-to-the-point video subtitles.

transn youtube subtitles services

Perhaps you think that subtitling can be handled by someone at the office. Maybe you believe that it is unnecessary to assign such projects to translation services. However, you will eventually come to realize that such projects make greatly appreciated investments for the future of your business.

Why Do You Need Professional YouTube Subtitles?

You may be tempted to try out automatic translation of your subtitles or even attempt to translate the content on your own. If you are determined to stand out among your competitors, however, you should resist the temptation. There is a plethora of reasons why you should turn to the pros for your video subtitles.

First and foremost, the professionals have got proven experience that leads to a much better management of the project. They offer cutting-edge technology in their equipment, and they use sophisticated subtitling software. Through their experience, they are able to provide any format you want for your subtitles. Such flexibility is greatly appreciated.transn youtube subtitles services

Apart from that, professional subtitling services guarantee hassle-free completion of the project in a timely manner. According to the deadline you agree with them, you will see that most of the times the translation is completed ahead of time. What is more, the services are quite affordable. So they provide the best value for money.

Another thing that you need to keep in mind is the fact that localization can be a powerful asset in your hands. Rather than just translating subtitles from one language to the next, it is crucial that you modify the content according to the specific requirements of each location. This is the process of localization and can make a huge difference to your brand awareness.Subtitling

Finally, they help you come across as a reliable business. If you do not assign professionals with the video subtitles you wish to translate to another language, you jeopardize the credibility of your company. It is not rare a phenomenon for people to ignore the services and products offered by a specific company, simply because of poor translation. You do not want others to think that your business cannot be trusted, do you?subtitling service

Bottom Line

Subtitling services are of great use to anyone in need of professional looking videos. When you try to make the most of YouTube subtitles for targeting several countries or adding content to your website, you need to be meticulous. You should not settle for average results in translation. Instead, you need to make sure that you check each detail and come up with the optimal services in the market.

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transn technical translation services

Technical Translation – What Is It and How Is It Good for Business

It is a field of specialized translations which involves the translation of documents created by a technical writer. The text usually includes technical or scientific terminologies that require a professional translator for better understanding.

In addition, technical translation services need a professional translator who understands the subject matter of the document. The process involves translation of technical terms to develop specialized terminologist. Therefore the translator must also know the specific names of a particular field in the target languages and source. It will help them to translate the terms with ease.transn technical translation (1)

Technical Document Translation Material

Different materials can require translation services. The documents include articles such as medical, scientific, technical journals and engineering. They need highly qualified professionals with graduate training in the specified field and also have excellent translation skills. Other materials are patents, online help, and computer spec sheet product. They do not require high-level knowledge of the involved field. However, it needs an understanding of general terms used in the sector.

Why Is Technical Translation Expensive?

It usually costs more than the translation of the general books or articles. It also takes a longer time to complete. The extra time and cost vary depending on various factors including level of technical and scientific understanding needed for the project, high professional translator demand in the specified language pair and also, the number of translators available for the required language.

Importance of Technical Translation to Businesses

Increase Spread of Vital Information

Technical translation has highly increased in the business industry. It significantly facilitates the spread of significant information including specific measurements, health and safety manuals, functional specification and more. There is so much to lose if a business doesn’t translate essential details. Also, the company can gain a lot if it invests in the correct translation. It is why most companies are seeking professional translation services.transn technical translation (2)

Expands Potentials Client Base

Translation of wide range of materials into various languages will significantly expand your potential client base in other countries. For instance, if you produce a French catalog you will be able to reach a broader audience than if it is only in English. To stay ahead in the competitive business world companies must continuously search for new markets to broaden their boundaries. Technical translation is essential in achieving this goal.

Ease of Trainingtransn technical translation (3)

If you expand your business in another country, it is easy to educate and train new employees with the use of technical translated documents, articles brochures and handbooks.

If you do not use a language which is understandable by all employees, you will be subjected to substantial penalties.

Also, translation of the technical text is vital for any business. It is essential to hire professional translation services to avoid any potential mistranslation of the document. If not done correctly it may cause penalties, lawsuits and personal and user injuries. Professionals will ensure the text is clear, accurate and straightforward and can be read fluently by the natives of the specific language.

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english to chinese translation services

Challenges That Translators Face When Providing Translation Services

There are different challenges that any profession will face in their day to day work. The translators are not an exception, and therefore they will too face challenges in the course of their work. For example, English to Chinese translation is challenging, and it is also the case when translating to other languages too. However, everything that needs to be done must be done for people to communicate effectively and be able to achieve what they were targeting. Here are some of the challenges that translators face when trying to translate between different languages.

Difference in Language Structure

Every language has its own structure. Although some languages will have almost similar structure, it is challenging to translate English to Chinese especially because of the structural difference. Constructing a Chinese sentence is very different from constructing the English sentence. Therefore those involved in English to Chinese translation are faced with the challenge of balancing the structure of the languages to avoid losing the meaning of the sentence. In English, a sentence will be made of the subject, the verb, and the object. In some languages, the structure is different.

english to chinese translation

Therefore if you were to translate this sentence to Chinese, probably you might be forced to change the structure. If you attempt to make this change, the whole communication will be affected and might lack the meaning.

Words with Multiple Meaning

Homonymous words affect the meaning of a sentence. An example is the word scale which might mean the weighing machine and at the same time will mean fish skin. These words will affect translation, and therefore it is important for the language translation services providers to be careful with the use case of each word. Applying these words in the wrong context will lead to different meaning. Therefore, it is important for the translators to mind the meaning of the words and research more on the use case of the specific words before using them. Failure to adequately research will affect the meaning of the sentence, and the objective of the translator will not be met clearly.

Missing Terms Affect Translation Services

In Chinese, there are some terms that don’t exist. Therefore, for the English to Chinese translation, it becomes difficult to translate the terms. In other cases, you will find that introducing a new term will affect the meaning of the whole text. Therefore, it becomes difficult to handle such a scenario since there is absolutely no word that exists to match the intended meaning.translation services

Use of Sarcasm in Some Languages

This is the use of words to mean the opposite. Where this is translated word for word, there is the likelihood that the sarcasm will lose the intended meaning. Therefore this causes unfortunate misunderstandings when the translation of sarcastically used words is done word for word. In some circumstances, the translation services provider might want to remove the sarcastic text. But when this is done, it might affect the contextual meaning of the other words.

Language translation services should be provided by a qualified translator. Not just anyone will successfully do the translation work. Therefore when hiring translation services, make sure you understand the credentials of the person you are hiring.

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the risk of using machine translation

The Risk of Using Machine Translation

As businesses are expanding, there is need to create a smooth communication channel between them and their customers. Language is the hallmark of effective communication, therefore, every business needs to speak in a language that is understandable to the people of the area in which it wants to supply its products. Many companies, especially the large ones have ventured into machine translation to quicken the process so as to get their audience on line quickly. Data or information is very important which is why translation should be done precisely to convey the accurate message to the target audience. Machine translation, although it is a quick process, brings forth many errors that could mislead customers and view your business as a mistake.



the risk of using machine translation 2 (1)



The Drawbacks of Machine Translation

1. Literal Mistakes


Many online translation services like Google do not have the capability of understanding texts like the way human beings do. Most the machines translate word after word in a sentence but in some languages, words in a sentence are not arranged the same way. The moment clients realize that your language is not proper and that you have just written texts unprofessional, your business will be deemed to be a joke and that it has nothing of quality to offer.


2. Misuse of Industry Terminologies


In every industry of business that you deal with, there are specific terminologies that must be included for you to convey a message to the people. Most machines cannot understand the proper placement of these terminologies in a text thereby making the information to appear shallow and inappropriate. To prevent such issues, you should seek human language services and translation where every sentence will have a significant message.


3. Sentence Structure is Important


There is a way that you can sit down and contemplate on the best way to write sentences. Machines or online software cannot do that so what they do is that they translate only the words and leave the sentence the way it is. Without proper manual restructuring, you could convey the wrong message to the people. Always remember that it is the information that you pass to your customers that advocates for your business therefore if it is not well-informative, your business could customers to your competitors.


4. Alphabets Differentiation


Some alphabets differ in languages, and most of the machines are not aware of such issues. You need to ensure that you sit down and translate word after word for you to obtain the perfect meaning of every sentence. People like to read what they are convenient and familiar with so if you write in languages that are not common to them, you could end up losing a lot of them.


Excellent language and sentence structuring is good in your business because it makes the people know that they are specifically cared for. Write in a way that will make them see the benefit of the content or business to them. Don’t let the ‘’foreignness’’ aspect be showcased in the content. There are many translators that you can hire to make you have the best content for your business.


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A Letter From Our CEO To Translators and Interpreters of Transn

A Letter From Our CEO To Translators and Interpreters of Transn

transn to translators



Dear Translators and Interpreters in Transn:

Greetings! Happy 2018, and I wish you all a healthy, happy, and prosperous new year ahead.
In retrospect to 2017, as we faced with rapid changes in the market and increasingly stringent demands from clients in terms of quality, delivery time and cost; each and every one of our translators, interpreters and staff at Transn worked harder than ever before. On behalf of Transn, I would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the translators and interpreters that have collaborated with Transn. It is your support and dedication that have built Transn into what it is today.


transn new year


2017 should be regarded as the year of rebirth for the translation and interpreting industry. With the rapid advances of artificial intelligence, the translation and interpreting industry is being reborn and, as it were, beginning a new era. On December 11th, Premier Li Keqiang entered the translation and interpreting industry for the very first time–giving us hope and entrusting us with a mission–hence, the new era.
2017年,是我们对机器翻译从无视到恐慌的转折点。这一年已经具备深度学习功能的AI,以前所未有的丰富“姿势”和规模进入翻译行业。对于一般简单信息, 其平均翻译结果已接近一个初级译员水平。这是历史的必然,我们需要正视。
2017 also marks a turning point for us, in which we’ve gone from ignoring the existence of machine translation to being terrified of it. This year, deep learning AI has entered the translation and interpreting industry in an unprecedented way, with a vast scale and more diverse applications than ever before. In terms of general and simple information, the average translation level of machines is already coming close to that of a junior level translator. This is an inevitable trend, and we must face it.


transn ai with translators


Yet, AI is not omnipotent. Language, serving as the carrier of culture, has four functionalities: signal, information, communication and the transmission of culture and expertise. It is entirely possible for the signal and information functionalities of language to be replaced by AI, but the part where language is being perceived, felt and communicated as well as the part where culture and expertise are being transmitted, cannot and will never be replaced by AI. I believe that in the near future, many people will come to realize this: AI is not a substitute for humans, instead, it complements us, as no AI can exist without humans.
Translators and interpreters needed in the era of AI are required to carry out cultural exchange based on a deep understanding of society and culture. They also need to carry out the transmission of civilization and technology based on a deep understanding of their expertise. The role of translation companies, along with that of translators and interpreters, is changing. In order to face and greet this era of transformation, Transn is actively creating the Internet of Languages, so that every role in this industry can innovate.





December 11th, 2017 is a memorable date for the entire industry. This was the day when Premier Li Keqiang visited Transn. This was the first time that our country’s premier stepped into a translation company, and the first time that a translation company appeared on Xinwen Lianbo (CCTV’s flagship daily news program). Premier Li Keqiang’s visit highlights the “going out” strategy of our country, and the importance of the key supporting service industry for cultural exchange as promoted by the Belt & Road Initiative. Premier Li Keqiang stated that translators and interpreters serve as envoys in spreading human civilization across the globe. He agrees with the idea that “machine translation does not serve as a substitute, but rather as a collaborator, to translators”, and has told me that we must “vigorously promote this point of view”. It was at that moment that I realized how much emphasis the premier has placed on this vision, and how high his expectations are.
Therefore, I propose to mark December 11th as “Transners’ Day”. “Transn” not only refers to a company, but more importantly, it represents the spirit and mission of translators and interpreters: translators and interpreters are not simply converting the words, they’re here to transmit and spread the spirit, hence, “Transners”.
Today is the first day of 2018, and our translators and interpreters have started the new year working behind the scenes. They might be working in cross-border cooperation, or on a major project, or on a transnational cultural exchange…. Regardless of what it might be, they are working with ingenuity to pass on the spirit of “Transn”.
To some extent, translators are independent knights-errant who are even unable to disclose what they’ve translated. This is the reason that Transn regards our translators as “Yi Ke” (translators-errant). PE Cloud, a platform set up by Transn for our “Yi Ke”, helps translators to feel the power of freedom and to use AI to their advantage. At the same time, this will also help create a platform for socialization, and a stage for presentation, among translators.
Looking ahead to 2018, we know the industry is undergoing trans-formation and being reborn. Although there will be challenges ahead, as long as we stand side by side and forge ahead together, I believe we can ultimately make the best with what we have in this era, live up to the expectations of the premier, and act as envoys in transmitting and spreading human civilization across the globe.
Finally, many thanks to all of our translators and interpreters for your hard work and dedication. I’d also like to extend our gratitude to your wonderful family members. We wish each and every one of you a happy and healthy new year, with much luck, happiness and love.



Henry, here with you at Transn
January 1st, 2018


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transn translation services

3 Types of Translation Services You Will Favor: Medical, Legal and Document Translation Services

There are various types of translation services; we have the document, legal and medical translation services. Each service is considered unique, and it follows a certain process that is particular to the content. Hiring that translation agency who will work closely with their client in order to address your unique needs is essential in order to succeed in your localization project. Translation Company that works professionally will assist you in developing your assets such as translation memory and glossary.
3 Popular Types of Translation Services
We have a vast and varied world of translation. It comes with diverse theories and translation techniques. In this article, we will highlight the 3 most popular types of translation services.

document translation services
1. Document Translation Services
The document translation services involve various types of technical content translation including but not limited to marketing materials, videos, training materials, instruction, online help, and documentation. There are also instances that it involves a wide range of industries which include manufacturing, science, and engineering.
Document translations services will often include desktop publishing software in order to create that ideal format. The screenshot as well as the graphic content will need to be edited to suit the preference of the foreign audience. There are things that you can conduct to make sure that the documents will be ready that will help you reduce the time and cost needed for translation. The client may also require that the document will be delivered in multiple formats such as video, eBook or PDF.

legal translation services
2. Legal Translation Services
Legal translation services will cover an array of documents. It may include different legal works like remittance drafts, corporate status, administrative texts, warrants, and summons. There are also technical documents that need the expert opinions for the any judicial purposes. Translation of the minutes and reports of the court hearing would also fall in this category.
Do not mistake legal translation services for juridical and judicial translation. The judicial translation refers to the translation inside the court setting. Juridical translation, on the other hand, refers to the translation of the legally-binding documents and contracts.

medical translation
3. Medical Translation Services
Medical translation services involve the task of task of translating content like instruction, labels, packaging, and software. The translators may also be required to translate contents related to the product like research documents, quality management, and clinical trial documents.
Considering the nature of the medical field, it is highly recommended to have a partnership with the medical translation services that have a profound experience in this industry. Different countries have unique requirements when it comes to the medical translation so you need to find someone who can navigate efficiently on the requirements.
Apart from medical, legal and document translation services, there are more types of localization services such as financial and literary. The technology and process that works perfectly on these types of translation can also vary. The process that works perfectly for one type of translation service will not make any sense on another translation task.

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A Warm Visit By Premier Li Keqiang Showcases The Potential Change And Growth In The Language Solutions Industry

On 11th of December 2017, Transn IOL headquarters in Wuhan, China welcomed a wonderful visit by the Premier of State Council of the People’s Republic of China, Li Keqiang.

transn news

The team at Transn is humbled and grateful for the warm visit and believed this is just the beginning of huge potential changes and growth in the language solutions service industry.
Premier Li Keqiang, China’s head of government, as well as one of the leading figures behind the Chinese economic policy, mentioned that language is not the only tool of communication but a body of empowerment that conveys the humanitarian spirit of the nation. He encouraged the company to express the cultural spirits of different nations through our translation projects.

The literal meaning for Transn is “To be vivid in expression”. Transn believes, not in just delivering high quality translation works, but to deliver results that portray the cultural charm of the nation.

transn translation services



Transn had set up a model called “The Internet of Languages” which attracted more than 800,000 professional translators from all over the world. With the focus on translation services, transcription services, interpretation services, subtitling services, and localization of website and application, Transn has now evolved into implementing artificial intelligence for their products and services.

In 2016, Transn invested in an AI company call TruMind, in Beijing. TruMind specializes in research and commercialization of Neural Machine Translation (NMT) and with the fast growing development from the team in Transn, this is just one of many developments that will shape the future of the language solutions service industry.

premier likeqiang

According to the President and CEO of Transn, He Enpei, he believes in the next 10 years, professional high-level translation will be executed from the combined works of artificial intelligence and the human translation touch. The use of artificial intelligence is never to remove the need for professional translator but to empower the quality of project deliverable to all clients.
The relationship between clients, translators and language solutions service providers will be far more valuable for growth in all respective industries.

transn news video

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medical translation services

Do You Need Medical Translation Services?

Professional language translation services cover a wide variety of different niches, satisfying the increasing needs of a multinational target group. One of the major fields in which translation is needed is undoubtedly Medicine. If you are wondering whether or not you actually need medical translation services, below you will find some truly useful pieces of information.

The Globalization of Medicine

Medical institutions are open to international patients, and therefore it is not rare a phenomenon for people to visit well-esteemed hospitals abroad. But given the obstacle deriving from speaking a different language, it is crucial that you establish a form of smooth communication. Furthermore, you need to make sure that the medical documents you bring with you have been accurately translated.

translation services

Another growing need in the medical industry is the valid translation of medical textbooks. There are many new publications, offering valuable knowledge to doctors. Without the proper translation, though, you might be at risk of misinterpretation. Through the selection of the right translation services, though, you can rest assured that even the slightest detail has been taken care of.

Useful Insights on Medical Translation Services

First and foremost, it makes perfect sense that not everyone is aware of medical terminology. There are details that only professionals know. As a result, it is crucial that you leave medical translations to the experts. They have specialized in the specific niche, and hence they are able to convey the message exactly like it had been intended to.

Apart from that, it can be hard to be in a different country and not know if communication with the doctors is sufficient. The feeling of uncertainty mounts up, without having been adequately prepared. Especially in case of an emergency, it is really difficult to cope with the challenge of insufficient linguistic skills.

medical translation service

The Internet boasts a wealth of knowledge. Nevertheless, you cannot rely on the web for automatic translations of medical documents. If you do, there is high likelihood that the outcome does not meet your criteria or lives up to your expectations.

Language translation services feature a network of especially trained, certified translators. As a consequence, they can meet the needs of any industry and come up with prompt, polished and accurate translations. No matter if you have handed out your medical records or legal documents, correspondence with the medical staff or even post-surgical and post-treatment instructions, they will handle the translation.

Bottom Line

When precision and accuracy matter, it goes without even saying that translation should be handed over to the experts. Medical translation services will help you overcome any linguistic barriers in the demanding field of Medicine. In this way, you will be able to enjoy smooth communication and unobstructed knowledge.


Entrust these invaluable documents to professional language translation services with proven experience and fine quality in their work. This is the best way to ensure that each project will be translated according to the highest standards.

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The Importance of Website Localization

A company’s website gives you the first impression of the organization. It is the first place that anyone will visit if they are trying to find information about the company. It plays an essential part in the company strategy to attract the attention of any market around the world.

The internet makes it easier for organizations to participate in the international marketplace. As companies increase their global market share, they have to communicate effectively with customers from different parts of the world. As much as English is the most used internet language many people do not use English as their primary language. By using website localization, you will be able to penetrate the competitive market and gaining new clients in different cultures.

Website Localization

Localization is a complex concept that involves more than just translation services. To make the website more interesting to the targeted audience, you don’t have to limit yourself to text translation. Localization is a multi-layered process that needs programming skill, culture, and linguistic understanding.


There are various factors to take into account when modifying the site’s content. The factors include measurements, currencies, date and time, legal conversations, paper size for print-outs and more. Furthermore, website localization also involves the inclusion of elements that appeal to the different cultures like graphics, colors, and symbols to suit the targeted audience. For example, it is good to tailor images in such a way that they will look suitable for the target market.

Importance of Website Localization

1. New Customers and Increased Sales

The driving force behind localization of content is that it helps to expand the business. Addressing new international customers in their local language increases the organization’s marketing efforts. It also shows that the company is concerned about them and their culture. Most online shoppers are four times most likely to purchase goods and services from a website in their language. Therefore companies with multilingual sites always reap the rewards.

2. Venture into New Markets

Having a website with multiple languages is the best way to venture into new markets and open the door to a global fan base. It shows respect and appreciation towards a specific foreign culture. Therefore, it ensures that the organization can easily be found in popular search engines in the specified country, market or language.


3. Brand Identity

Another importance of content localization is international brand recognition. If you show potential customers, you can interact with their local language through website messaging; they are highly likely to identify with the brand. They will also depend on the company to some of their needs.

4. Affordable Alternatives for International Business

Opening a shop in a new international market is not the only way to expand the business. However, creating a multilingual site allows companies to enter into new markets without investing in a new workforce. It prevents the business from initial overhead cost due to physical presence in the countries.

Localization will differentiate a good website from a successful one. That is why more organizations are willing to add cultural elements to their website translation services. A multilingual site offers the company both short and long-term competitive advantage in the international market.

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Four Benefits of Using Audio and Video Transcription Services

Outsourcing transcription tasks to a professional audio and video transcription services provider save the company money and time. Not only that, but the company can also focus on their core business. It is the cost-effective way to do the task without disrupting the operations of the company. Below are the top four benefits of using video and audio transcription services.

Transcription Services

1. Cost Effective

Hiring a full-time employee to do audio and video transcription is expensive in terms of salary and benefits. It will take several hours to complete a single task that will reduce the availability of the employee for other duties in the workplace. Outsourcing the task to transcription and translation services firm will save your business money connected with the recruitment, hiring, and training of full-time staff for the job.

The service provider continuously updates their equipment and software. There’s no need for in-house installation of software or additional IT staff to maintain them. The service provider will also ensure that the resulting document can be used for different purposes that include client newsletters, training manuals, or the company blog.

2. Accurate

Not only will it provide savings and convenience, but transcription services also guarantee the accuracy of their work. They employ native speaking transcriptionists to ensure the accuracy of the projects. They have a high accuracy rate. When combined with the use of the current technology, they complete their projects within the deadline.

Transcription Services transn

Professional transcription services produce work that’s better than their clients’ expectations. They also provide excellent customer service. They are transparent about the progress of the project and can guarantee its completion before the deadline. Before sending back the document, the service provider edits, proofreads, and reviews it first. That way the provider can ensure the quality and accuracy of the transcription project.

3. Access to Skilled Staff

When outsourcing transcription tasks, the company gains access to skilled and well-trained transcribers. They already know what to do and how to prevent delays and inaccuracies. There are project managers assigned to each client to ensure timely deliveries. They will ensure the documents are in the right format and style.

Transcription services have a specialist in every field whether it is legal, medical, and everything in between. They have well-trained ears to listen to the recordings and eyes to watch videos.

Transcription Services 1

4. Pay for Translations Services On-Demand

Most companies don’t have the same amount of transcription tasks on a regular basis. There are times when there are no transcription tasks, and then suddenly the company needed to transcribe a huge volume of documents at the same time.

By outsourcing the transcription services, all the video and audio recording will be typed and returned with the agreed turnaround time. The volume of the project doesn’t matter because the service provider has the staff to handle all the video and audio transcription jobs no matter how big or small they might be.

Businesses can get these four benefits from audio and video transcription services. They can greatly reduce the operational costs and at the same time allows you to focus on the core business of the company.

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