5 Ways to Make Your Game Localization Faster, Easier and Cheaper

With the right kind of preparation, you can incredibly reduce the localization cost of your games – not only in financial terms but also the time it takes to develop them. So, apart from adapting your games for international markets, preparing your game localization correctly is a strongly desired element. Here are some tips for making your game localization faster, easier and cheaper.



*1: Get everything started with localization in mind
Up to now, the biggest mistake game company may make is leaving it until the game is fully produced before they think about adapting it for other markets. This only creates more workload for your team and lifts the cost of your game translation. If you think about localization at every stage of the development process you’ll save yourself a lot of time, money and hassle.



*2: Know what needs localization (and doesn’t)
The first thing you should figure out is which element of your game need localization – and those don’t. This way you can prepare your game project for localization in advance and reduce friction between different stages of the game translation.
The elements that do/don’t need localizing also vary between different countries and languages. You may find Japanese and Korean more similar than English and Chinese, for example. This means more elements are needed when you localize game contents.



*3: Make everything accessible, readable and editable
Many people will be working with your game resources throughout the process when you translate game contents: translators, artists, developers, testers and more. So you need to prepare each resource in a way that’s accessible, readable and editable to all of them.



*4: Get professional game translators on board ASAP
The sooner you start working with your game localization services provider, the more potential problems they will help you to avoid. Provide your game localization company with as much reference material as possible. This can be a style guide to give them pointers regarding the tone and writing style you would like for your game, or character bios, or a description of the plot and connections between characters. Anything that helps the translators understand what your game is about will have a positive impact on the quality of its localization.


*5: Leave time for localization test
Once you start separating the content, you will realize that things need to be written are out of expectation, and it takes time to translate it. After you added the localized content, it’s still half done. The next important step is localization test.
The inheritance of the game content, grammar and typographical issues, ignored content or missing strings, which are problems you may have when you are doing content separation. Each problem needs to be discovered, evaluated and resolved, and then put into the game for testing. This process takes time and make sure you’ve made a certain plan for it.

Now that you know the best practices for game localization and you are ready to rock, reach our game translators at Transn to make sure you get professional and specialized game translations services. Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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transn translation services

Professional Translation Services for You

With the tide of globalization ,frequent economic and cultural exchange among countries enable language learning more and more important. While traditional culture is exported to other countries, more and more foreign companies have quickly made their way into the oversea market. The demanding of researching translation services become so urgent. There are so many conditions that we need to make use of translation services, like developing market abroad, launching a film world-wide, introducing books to other countries , marketing your games overseas, and something like that. To meet those needs, language solution services emerged as the times require.

So let me just formally introduce services and present its value.
 What is translation Services?
Simply, this kind of service providers outsource some businesses that concern about translation. To some degree, it enables companies focus on the core business. Those providers offer products involved in document translation services, certified translation services, book translation service, website translation services, software localization, transcription ,dubbing, subtitling and so on. According to different characteristic of company, they can also supply customized services.
 For those translation services provider, what can they bring about?
It’s not an easy question to answer. Over the years, quite a number of enterprises have worked out globalization of products through language services ,looking to increase your sales through a multilingual website. This service can also meets the language differentiation needs of the business process, and then it can help lower internal communication costs and raise client satisfaction levels. Thanks to translators, every country have been outputting cultural products. And because of that, human civilization are being blended.
 What’s the translation service’s future?
Can you imagining? Over the past year, AI software and hardware translation products have surpassed the amount that 30 years combined. The use of robots can speed up the translation process by completing it automatically or by providing translation reference that enable human translators to work faster. Definitely, this will threaten translation company’s core competencies and competitiveness. Will the end of the translation industry be approaching?
The answer will be ”No”. AI Interactive Translation can replace human tasks in some ways .There are more than 20 kinds of translated robots in China. Basically, these robots can absorb any kind of information in it in the form of some principles. However, the robots are not omnipotent. Comparing with human translation, no guarantees can be made about the accuracy. They will lead a special aspect, a language, or an area which means robot translators will be a new “group”. To a certain degree, experts can handle translation tasks with more precision and a large scale to improving productivity and revision efficiency.
 What kind of choice do we have?
Transn, ranked 3rd in Asia and 19th in the world as a language service provider, is exploring new models of translation services. After many years practices, the accuracy of the translation is being enhanced sharply. Transn dedicated to helping people everywhere communicate without language barriers and making language services as easy to use as possible .A reflection of this mission enable Transn go further. We are looking forward to that Transn will set off a revolution in the translation field.

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Transn is Achieving Your Dream of Immigration

Do you have a dream of immigration to an ideal country to enjoy the rest of your life? Or are you conducting a business with those who have such a dream? But sometimes the complex process and the legal and social systems that must be understood are new and unfamiliar, causing them to often feel uncomfortable. So professional immigration translation services is undoubtedly essential in the immigration process.immigration

The immigration countries like The US, UK, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia are almost English speaking countries. Transn has over 800,000 native translators cover over 140 countries on hand to help you with professional translation services. Whether you are in China, Poland, Romania, or Africa, we can provide one-stop immigration translation service online any time. Whether your immigration is business migration, skilled migration, family-based immigration, marriage migration,    Entrepreneur Plus Category, or Temporary Retirement Category, we are all experienced enough to handle. We do that better than any translation company in this field!

We translate all kinds of Immigration certified documents you may ever need. They can be Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Drivers License, Diplomas, Divorce Decrees, Legal Documents, or Passport. We guarantee Fast Turnaround within 24-48 Hours and affordable price start at USD25 per page. We promise high-level of quality by translating your document with highly professional translators and 100% security by securely storing and transmitting your files with SSL Encryption.

Transn provides different kinds of immigration translation services, including (but not limited to):

Immigration Document Translation Services

Immigrant Visa Translation Services

Immigration Laws Translation Services

Birth Certificate Translation Services

Passport Translation Services

Immigration Procedure Translation and Interpreter Services

Immigration Language Translation Services

Immigration Certified Translation Services

If you want to know more, our 24/7 translation services are available to Contact us. There are various ways to get in touch right here, so you can choose the most appropriate way that suits you. We’ll try our best to resolve your issues efficiently… Feel free to contact us!

Tel: (001) 888-992-4678


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Transn Ranks 3rd in Asia and 19th in the world

Transn’s language translation services– the finest under heaven

Hey there! Before you read this post, you may figure out one truth. Organizations that are mandated to provide access to their services, regardless of language spoken by clients, find translation services  an essential part of an efficient communication and compliance program. And we suggest you ask a professional translation service provider for help.

Why you choose Transn as a language provider?

Being a leading language provider, Transn offers language translation services in over 60+ different world languages covering over 95% of the languages used by Internet users around the world. Our translators have many years of professional experience and translate languages only into their own mother tongues, will provide with a localized language solution. The language translation services we provide are always with affordable price, fast turnaround, high accuracy, formats flexibility and 100% accuracy.


We Ensure High Quality Language Translation Any Time

Transn has developed its own database of over 800,000 certified translators all over the world on hand to provide business translation services for you. We provide industry leading translation and interpretation services in more than 60+ languages. Our mission is that we are dedicated to helping people everywhere communicate without language barriers and making language services as easy to use as possible, speaking to the world in its native languages. So we promise to provide quality translation services.

Here are some of the language pair services we provide include but not limited to:

English French Translation Services

English Malay Translation Services

English German Translation Services

English Chinese Translation Services

English Thai Translation Services

English Spanish Translation Services

English Arabic Translation Services

Chinese Japanese Translation Services

English Dutch Translation Services

English Korean translation services

English Italian translation services

English Hebrew translation services

Whether your organization is expanding internationally, reaching out to a multilingual population here at home, or just starting to plan a language strategy, we will go beyond words to provide the best language solutions.

Feel free to contact us

Tel: (001) 888-992-4678


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Bring Out the Best in Your Website Through Localization

Global network mesh. Social communications background. Earth map. Vector illustration.

The Internet has penetrated into every detail of our daily life and work. Each company has established a website to promote its products and services. For a small company in the country, the site is usually displayed in native language and English. But international companies usually need to translate website in more than 10 languages to transfer information more conveniently to its global target customers.

Website localization is different from simple website translation. If you are doing website localization, it means not only to consider the translation accuracy, also pay attention to the corresponding of customer beliefs, color words taboo, likes and dislikes, customs and so on.

So we can say that translate website to English or into more than a dozen languages is not difficult, but because of different cultural background, customs and habits, Internet natural conditions, the general website translation services providers cannot meet the demand. You deserve an excellent website localization service provider, like Transn, to find the best side of your website and business!

As you adapt your website for other markets, you’ll need to localize all your digital content. That includes video and multimedia, web and mobile apps—as well as illustrations, specialty graphics, eBooks, and other digital documents. That must sound complex and troublesome for businessmen with busy schedule. But stop worrying, Trans will provide you with one-stop professional translation service.

Here you can find the most considerate website localization process at Transn:

  • Website localization requirements analysis:  determine what needs to be localized and what doesn’t.
  • Web translation:  extract the web page content of the translation and do the website translation job.
  • Image and animation localization processing:  dealing with images and animations that need to be localized.
  • Web code translation processing:  replace the source language with the target language, and adjust the html code, then the production of localized version.
  • Site background program localization:  background interface translation and processing, running program localization development.
  • Site localization test:  release localization test version, run test, release test, and make sure the website runs properly.
  • Site localization release:  publish the official version of the website.


With Transn, the process of creating, launching, testing and optimizing websites in multiple languages is both money and time cost effective. Whether your site is an Information portal, an enterprise brand showcase, a transactional site, a community website, an office and government website, an interactive game website or a comprehensive website, Transn’s technical translation services ensure that adapting your site for global markets has never been easier.

We have over 800,000 translators in 140+ countries all over the world to translate webpage for you at site or translate online if you prefer. We are always here to bring out the best in your web. Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Tell: (001) 888-992-4678


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Why Choose Transn

Why is Video Game Localization Different?

gaming-localizationVideo games are often divided into console games, arcade games and portable games. And video game localization is totally different from any other software translation service. It is reflected through the following points.

  • Language & Cultural Awareness Differences

Players from different places will have different language using habits even though they may all speak English, just like the difference between American humor and British humour. Furthermore, differing communication symbols and signs can be disruptive to the game’s adaptation process. Languages are unique in terms of expressions and will often differ in length even when conveying the same message. The localization process aims to match these linguistic differences using a variety of techniques. So free translation must be used to express the game idea more clearly.

  • Operating Habits Differences

You may take the following fundamental issues into consideration before you translate video game to other languages. How will you deal with the UI arrangement of the overseas product interface? How will the item icon be displayed? If they will conform to the overseas user’s operation habit? These are the things we need to pay attention to, after all, the user experience is excellent because of details.

  • Paying Experience Differences

Video game software will be divided into a completely different form around the globe. And players in some countries may get used to paying for download, unlock, or simply resources converting, while in some countries people don’t. So you should figure out how to design the charging point according to the user’s requirements and how to dig the depth of the charging point. This is another important part of the game translation.

If you are looking for the most professional translation services for Video Game Localization, congratulations, your search is over!

Transn offers a wide range of services to best serve the needs of game publishers and game developers in over 60 languages. Our comprehensive services touch on the game development process at every stage and provide solutions for the most tricky game localization issues. You can count on us for your game localization!


Transn provides the following specialized video game localization services:

Video Game Document Translation Service

Localization Project Management and Planning Service

User Interface Localization Service

User Manuals and Print Materials Localization Service

Game Script Translations Service

Video Game Voice-Over & Dubbing Service

Video Game Testing and QA Supporting

Video Game Marketing Collateral Localization (website translations, Apps etc.)

Video Game Subtitling and Captioning Service

Part of Transn’s Successful Video Game Localization Cases:

Hokage Ninjia by NAMCO BANDAI  GAMES

Onmyoji by NetEase mobile games

Zhu Xian by Perfect world (Beijing) Network Technology Co., Ltd.

World of Warcraft by Blizzard Entertainment

League of Legends by Garena …


Don’t hesitate no more to contact !

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Catching the Trend of Specialization in Legal Translation

Legal translation is a high-end service in translation. It mainly serves lawyers, foreign enterprises, import and export companies and other upper social groups, and the quality requirements and technical difficulties are quite high. In addition to the higher requirements for interpreters and other related conditions, legal translation is also subject to the characteristics of the legal language itself.

Legal translation Includes legal interpretation and legal translation, which will play an increasingly important role in the domestic and international social life. That is why professional legal translation service is in a great demand nowadays. That’s also why the trend of specialization in legal translation is needed.

Specialization of Legal Translation Requirements 

Accuracy      impartiality      professionalism        security


Specialization of Legal Translation Practice Areas

Patent Litigation                        Antitrust

Commercial Litigation                Corporate Litigation

Mergers & Acquisitions               FCPA & Bribery Act

And Transn is the preferred choice of top legal translation and interpreter services! We have been doing what we can to lead the trend of specialization in legal translation.

Transn is a leading provider of legal translation services all over the world. We offer document translation and litigation supports for numerous complex legal matters and handle large-scale cases involving thousands of foreign-language documents. Our 24/7 support, legal expertise, and accurate review have helped establish Transn as a professional translation services provider.

Transn delivers legal document translation services for contracts like: business contracts, foreign trade contracts, sales contracts, transfer contracts, engineering contract, joint venture contract, employment contract, agency contract, distribution contracts, etc.

For agreements like: confidentiality agreement, supplementary agreement, cooperation agreement, entrustment agreement, technical agreement, arbitration agreement, divorce agreement, transfer agreement and so on.

Apart from document translation, we also provide court interpretation of different languages for people with different races and nationalities. We have zero tolerance to legal translation mistakes so as to ensure that all men are equal before the law.


You can’t find another language translation service provider better than us around the globe. Feel free to contact us!

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Finding the Top-ranking Business Translation Services

Is your business global? Do you compete in international markets with multiple languages and platforms? Do you want to extend your business into more international markets? If the answer is yes, this post is worthy of reading.
business transaltion services
While what kind of characteristics should a top-ranking business translation service have?
•Types of documents should be included: Contracts and agreements, annual reports, business report and plan, financial documents, human resource document, corporate communication, brochures, website…
•Service guarantees should be considered: Affordable Price, fast turnaround, high accuracy, formats flexibility, 100% accuracy, supporting 60+ languages, efficient international management, remote networking and on-site translator available…
•Fields of industries should be covered: International engineering, equipment manufacturing, film and television media, cross-border electricity business, service outsourcing, conference and exhibition…
Fortunately, you can find all the service characteristics at Transn!
Transn provides not only business translation but also business interpreting services to help you take your business into new markets and make your business fluent in over 60 languages, especially for Chinese translation services.
Our professional localization will help your business to meet the specific requirements of specific groups and specific customers so as to improve market competitiveness while reducing costs. We attach great importance to the differences between general language and specific commercial terms so as to avoid any potential mistakes in your legal contract or business document translation.
We promise accuracy, efficiency and fast turnaround for your business and corporate translations, because we look at all elements of your business document translation, business language translation, business interpreting or website translation needs to save you time and money. Whether you are a well-established company or start-ups, Transn acts as your partner for your localization as well as your solution for all of your business translation needs.

business transaltion services 2.jpg
If you intend to translate website or any business document, or you want to know more, our 24/7 professional translation services are always available. Feel free to contact us.
Tell: (001) 888-992-4678

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Transn Multilanguage Subtitling Services

Nowadays more and more companies are interested in their movies, films, documentaries, TV programs, or DVDs gaining popularity around the world, which may heavily rely on the subtitling. However, sloppy, inaccurate, and even misleading subtitle translations can cause problems.


While, a good subtitling service can help your target audiences who don’t understand the foreign language both to hear the original recordings and better understand the program contents. Another point, the textual appearance of speech or dialogues of the visual medium on-screen helps people with language difficulties. Also importantly, the subtitling feature reaches out to the hearing impaired audience. Moreover, the film or video owner can reduce total expenses of dubbing through usage of multilingual subtitling services.

Transn can offer subtitling services and captions in over 60 languages. We have professional subtitle groups experienced in subtitling translation in numerous fields. Proofreaders in Transn are always very sensitive to time and mistakes, which makes the subtitling services with the highest quality. And we already have a lot of excellent works in the subtitling services market.

10+ service characteristics attract you to be our customers:
One stop human services
Wide Format Compatibility
Onsite services available
Professional operation
International management
Rational prices
Fast turnaround
High accuracy
100% security
60+ languages

Transn has provided subtitling services for many famous films in 2017 such as, Gangal(India), Doraemon(Japan), Despicable Me 3(US), A dog’s purpose(US), Pirates of the Caribbean 5(US), Ballerina(France), Guardians(Russia). All of these films have gain great popularity in China.


trasn subtitling


transn subtitles




If you want to know more, our 24/7 subtitling services are always available. There are various ways to get in touch right here, so you can choose the most appropriate way that suits you. We promise that you can get professional subtitling services at affordable rates in Transn.

Tel: (001) 888-992-4678

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Game translation and localization services of Transn

Hello, Readers! Here come the new services!

Some of you may don’t know the benefits of game translation and localization services that would create for a business man or a game company wanting to expand international market. With the continual trend of globalization, consumers are more likely to try products and services from foreign countries. Translating games from one language to other targeting languages is common for today’s game company. Your game deserves high quality translations localized by keen gamers and professional translators. A quick-witted marketer must be good at finding a niche. So you should be the one and we are here to assist you.

transn game localization

Transn provides various game translation and localization services including:
Recording and Dubbing of Video Game Translation Services
Game Translation Project Management
Localization of Gaming Translation services
Video Game Subtitle Translation services
Translation of Games

We are now focusing more on game translation and localization services than ever before. We’ll hold our high quality, price affordability, accuracy, efficiency still, and at the same time give more new technical support and applications to make it better. We have cooperated with a great number of customers on game translation project, most of which are many AAA level games for all platforms including PC, browser-based, Console, MMO and mobile games for IOS & Android. And we welcome more customers with such demands to get in touch with us, to get personal service with an expert localization project manager and guidance throughout your game’s entire lifecycle. This is no doubt the gospel of you all who need the game translation and localization services.

If you want to know more, our 24/7 translation services are available to Contact us. There are various ways to get in touch right here, so you can choose the most appropriate way that suits you. We’ll try our best to resolve your issues efficiently…

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