Catching the Trend of Specialization in Legal Translation

Legal translation is a high-end service in translation. It mainly serves lawyers, foreign enterprises, import and export companies and other upper social groups, and the quality requirements and technical difficulties are quite high. In addition to the higher requirements for interpreters and other related conditions, legal translation is also subject to the characteristics of the legal language itself.

Legal translation Includes legal interpretation and legal translation, which will play an increasingly important role in the domestic and international social life. That is why professional legal translation service is in a great demand nowadays. That’s also why the trend of specialization in legal translation is needed.

Specialization of Legal Translation Requirements 

Accuracy      impartiality      professionalism        security


Specialization of Legal Translation Practice Areas

Patent Litigation                        Antitrust

Commercial Litigation                Corporate Litigation

Mergers & Acquisitions               FCPA & Bribery Act

And Transn is the preferred choice of top legal translation and interpreter services! We have been doing what we can to lead the trend of specialization in legal translation.

Transn is a leading provider of legal translation services all over the world. We offer document translation and litigation supports for numerous complex legal matters and handle large-scale cases involving thousands of foreign-language documents. Our 24/7 support, legal expertise, and accurate review have helped establish Transn as a professional translation services provider.

Transn delivers legal document translation services for contracts like: business contracts, foreign trade contracts, sales contracts, transfer contracts, engineering contract, joint venture contract, employment contract, agency contract, distribution contracts, etc.

For agreements like: confidentiality agreement, supplementary agreement, cooperation agreement, entrustment agreement, technical agreement, arbitration agreement, divorce agreement, transfer agreement and so on.

Apart from document translation, we also provide court interpretation of different languages for people with different races and nationalities. We have zero tolerance to legal translation mistakes so as to ensure that all men are equal before the law.


You can’t find another language translation service provider better than us around the globe. Feel free to contact us!

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Finding the Top-ranking Business Translation Services

Is your business global? Do you compete in international markets with multiple languages and platforms? Do you want to extend your business into more international markets? If the answer is yes, this post is worthy of reading.
business transaltion services
While what kind of characteristics should a top-ranking business translation service have?
•Types of documents should be included: Contracts and agreements, annual reports, business report and plan, financial documents, human resource document, corporate communication, brochures, website…
•Service guarantees should be considered: Affordable Price, fast turnaround, high accuracy, formats flexibility, 100% accuracy, supporting 60+ languages, efficient international management, remote networking and on-site translator available…
•Fields of industries should be covered: International engineering, equipment manufacturing, film and television media, cross-border electricity business, service outsourcing, conference and exhibition…
Fortunately, you can find all the service characteristics at Transn!
Transn provides not only business translation but also business interpreting services to help you take your business into new markets and make your business fluent in over 60 languages, especially for Chinese translation services.
Our professional localization will help your business to meet the specific requirements of specific groups and specific customers so as to improve market competitiveness while reducing costs. We attach great importance to the differences between general language and specific commercial terms so as to avoid any potential mistakes in your legal contract or business document translation.
We promise accuracy, efficiency and fast turnaround for your business and corporate translations, because we look at all elements of your business document translation, business language translation, business interpreting or website translation needs to save you time and money. Whether you are a well-established company or start-ups, Transn acts as your partner for your localization as well as your solution for all of your business translation needs.

business transaltion services 2.jpg
If you intend to translate website or any business document, or you want to know more, our 24/7 professional translation services are always available. Feel free to contact us.
Tell: (001) 888-992-4678

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Transn Multilanguage Subtitling Services

Nowadays more and more companies are interested in their movies, films, documentaries, TV programs, or DVDs gaining popularity around the world, which may heavily rely on the subtitling. However, sloppy, inaccurate, and even misleading subtitle translations can cause problems.


While, a good subtitling service can help your target audiences who don’t understand the foreign language both to hear the original recordings and better understand the program contents. Another point, the textual appearance of speech or dialogues of the visual medium on-screen helps people with language difficulties. Also importantly, the subtitling feature reaches out to the hearing impaired audience. Moreover, the film or video owner can reduce total expenses of dubbing through usage of multilingual subtitling services.

Transn can offer subtitling services and captions in over 60 languages. We have professional subtitle groups experienced in subtitling translation in numerous fields. Proofreaders in Transn are always very sensitive to time and mistakes, which makes the subtitling services with the highest quality. And we already have a lot of excellent works in the subtitling services market.

10+ service characteristics attract you to be our customers:
One stop human services
Wide Format Compatibility
Onsite services available
Professional operation
International management
Rational prices
Fast turnaround
High accuracy
100% security
60+ languages

Transn has provided subtitling services for many famous films in 2017 such as, Gangal(India), Doraemon(Japan), Despicable Me 3(US), A dog’s purpose(US), Pirates of the Caribbean 5(US), Ballerina(France), Guardians(Russia). All of these films have gain great popularity in China.


trasn subtitling


transn subtitles




If you want to know more, our 24/7 subtitling services are always available. There are various ways to get in touch right here, so you can choose the most appropriate way that suits you. We promise that you can get professional subtitling services at affordable rates in Transn.

Tell: (001) 888-992-4678

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Game translation and localization services of Transn

Hello, Readers! Here come the new services!

Some of you may don’t know the benefits of game translation and localization services that would create for a business man or a game company wanting to expand international market. With the continual trend of globalization, consumers are more likely to try products and services from foreign countries. Translating games from one language to other targeting languages is common for today’s game company. Your game deserves high quality translations localized by keen gamers and professional translators. A quick-witted marketer must be good at finding a niche. So you should be the one and we are here to assist you.

transn game localization

Transn provides various game translation and localization services including:
Recording and Dubbing of Video Game Translation Services
Game Translation Project Management
Localization of Gaming Translation services
Video Game Subtitle Translation services
Translation of Games

We are now focusing more on game translation and localization services than ever before. We’ll hold our high quality, price affordability, accuracy, efficiency still, and at the same time give more new technical support and applications to make it better. We have cooperated with a great number of customers on game translation project, most of which are many AAA level games for all platforms including PC, browser-based, Console, MMO and mobile games for IOS & Android. And we welcome more customers with such demands to get in touch with us, to get personal service with an expert localization project manager and guidance throughout your game’s entire lifecycle. This is no doubt the gospel of you all who need the game translation and localization services.

If you want to know more, our 24/7 translation services are available to Contact us. There are various ways to get in touch right here, so you can choose the most appropriate way that suits you. We’ll try our best to resolve your issues efficiently…

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B&R Initiative an Impetus for Chinese Companies’ Overseas Expansion

Companies have increasingly been encouraged by the Belt and Road Initiative for going global, said a senior executive of a leading information processing and service provider in China.

“Driven by the initiative, many more Chinese companies have participated in more projects in economies along the Belt and Road Initiative with more investment,” said Shi Xin, vice president of Transn IOL Technology Co Ltd, a language service platform based on big data and mobile internet technologies.

trasn translation services

“Their businesses expanded from the traditional international engineering sector to equipment manufacturing and cultural and media sectors,” Shi added.

The Belt and Road Initiative was proposed by President Xi Jinping in 2013, consisting of the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road. It aims to promote the interconnectivity between Asia and the rest of the world through two ancient trade routes.

According to the Ministry of Commerce’s latest data, China’s trade with economies along the Belt and Road Initiative saw 26.2 percent growth year-on-year in the first quarter of 2017.

During the same period, China’s non-financial outbound direct investment in 43 economies along the Belt and Road reached $2.95 billion, accounting for 14.4 percent of the country’s total.

The Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, which will be held from May 14 to 15 in Beijing, will mean an increase in this trend, Shi added.

“Actually, the forum itself has brought an outburst of our language service business since last year. The forum has great impact and a lot of companies and institutions are getting prepared for it, involving lots of translation and investigative work,” Shi said.

Another new trend on Chinese companies’ road towards going global is that more small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have been attracted to the overseas market, Shi added. “Although our service to SMEs accounts for only about 30 percent in our whole business, it grows 40 to 50 percent annually.”

Compared with large enterprises, SMEs are more cost sensitive and care more about short-term returns. In order to facilitate their overseas operations and solve their concerns, Transn offers tailored products for SMEs, such as TransnBox, an interpreting device with 12 languages.

Packaged solutions are also available for SMEs, including market research, bidding, design, construction and acceptance services.

“The initiative is expected to involve more and more countries, which will be a great challenge for us to offer language services, especially for some unpopular languages. We will strengthen our cooperation with universities and institutions for more talents,” Shi said.

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Transn Ranks 3rd in Asia and 19th in the world

2015: Transn Ranks 3rd in Asia and 19th in the world

TIME:2015-12-17 11:38:35  COMFORM:  AUTHOR:


Recently, America’s famous language industry research agency Common Sense Advisory issued the report “The Language Services Market: 2015”. As an annual summary of translation and interpretation service industry, the report included the list of the Top 100 language service providers in the world.

Among the Top 100 global language service enterprises, Transn (China) Technology Co., Ltd. ranks 3rd in Asia and 19th in the world. Compared with its rankings in 2014, Transn moved up two places into Top 3 in Asia and eight places into Top 20 in the world.

Transn is a new-style multilingual information processing service provider in today’s big data and mobile Internet era. This over-ten-year-old company created the “Internet of Language (IOL)” by integrating the Internet with language processing, developed its embedded apps in ten sectors including cross-border E-commerce, international engineering, equipment manufacturing, film & TV media, cultural tourism, service outsourcing, etc. Moreover, with its powerful language service capability, Transn provided integrated solutions for China’s large-scale overseas projects, manufacturing introduction and major transnational cooperation and international conferences.

With world-leading core technologies and innovative business models, Transn was rated as one of China’s earliest “Demonstration Enterprises of Innovative Development of the Modern Service Industry.” It built the first “Multilingual Information Processing Industry Base” in the Optics Valley Software Park and the only provincial multilingual engineering and technological research center in China. Its independent research and development of the “T-cloud” translation service platform was taken as a typical promotion case by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the PRC. As the national key culture-technology integration enterprise, Transn was selected as one of the national key cultural export enterprises. Meanwhile, “Transn International Film & TV Platform” was listed as one of the national key cultural expert projects.

In the future, Transn will be persistent in its pursuit of technological, management and model innovation and make constant effort to guide the direction of the industrial development.

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Transn’s Zero Tolerance Policy for Fraud

TIME:2015-08-20 17:03:00  COMFORM:  AUTHOR:

“I got a call from him yesterday. He said he was a project manager with XX Information Technology Co., Ltd. and that he hoped to enter into long-term cooperation with me, but he needed me to do a free 2,000 word sample translation first,” said a defrauded translator. Believing the lies that this man had told over the phone, the translator handed over the 2,000-word translation to the man without signing any contract. After this, the man disappeared without a trace.
Cases of fraud in the language service industry have been mushrooming as of late. Translators and language service providers whose rights and interests have been infringed upon have been growing in number. Anti-fraud has become a common problem facing language service providers. To safeguard translators’ lawful rights and interests and crack down on such types of fraud, an intensive anti-fraud effort has gradually unfolded within the industry.
On April 18, Transn joined hands with numerous other language service industry providers in announcing the establishment of the China Language Service Industry Anti-fraud Alliance. They also released the “Anti-fraud Declaration”. The declaration stated:

  1. We respect translators’ lawful rights and interests as well as their finished work products.
    For this reason, we will spare no effort in assisting translators in dealing with instances of fraud and establish a system to protect translators. We will work from all sides to feasibly safeguard the lawful rights and interests of translators.
  2. In cooperation with a great number of language service providers and translators, we will establish the “China Language Service Industry Anti-fraud Alliance” and build a nationwide anti-fraud network to expose lawbreakers. Through this, we shall promote the healthy development of China’s language service industry,
  3. We will keep enhancing our relations with translators and language service provides to establish a style of honest cooperation.

As a major language service provider in China, Transn has always kept a watchful eye on the vital interests of translators. The company suggests that in the event of potential fraud hazards, please pay attention to:

  1. Promptly collecting and verifying the relevant information of translation project dispatchers and account settlement contact people such as project managers. This information includes identity information, contact information, and account information.
  2. Promptly verifying project details such as the assignment process, project cycle, and word count.
    III. Promptly saving evidence obtained during communication with contact people. This can include written, recorded, and other types of evidence.
  3. In the event of perceiving that a contact person is behaving suspiciously, translators should seek help from the companies in whose names they were contacted at the earliest possible time so as to avoid damage.

The anti-fraud call has just been sounded. More translators and language service providers are needed to join the anti-fraud campaign. Together, we will build an environment that is free from fraud and leave criminals with no place to hide, making a genuine contribution to the healthy development of China’s language service industry.


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Transn - Professional Translation, Interpretation Services Online Quote by Transn

Transn 2016 Halloween Festival Promotion

The Halloween, also called All Hallows’ Eve, is a yearly holiday observed on October 31.

For celebrate “2016 Halloween Festival” with all people in the world, Transn will offer 20% off special promotion and gift during the activity time.

Email us ( to get a free quote and professional translation service right now. You will stand a chance to get a gift (16GB Flash driver).


(1)How to take part in Transn 2016 Halloween Festival Activity?

Step1: Enter your email in the homepage( or send an email to us( directly.

Step2: Our teammates will contact you, send you the electronic voucher and you will stand a chance (16GB Flash driver) to get a gift from us if you get a free quote and professional translation service right now.


(2)What gift( benefit ) will you get?

1. A 20% discount voucher ( Electronic )


2. A gift from us

16GB Flash driver

We will ship the gift out before 2016 Nov. 10

Gift shipping time: 7-15 days


(3)What services can you use by this 20% discount voucher?

Services include translation, interpretation, onsite services, software localization, translator training and certification, media services (transcription, voice talent, subtitling), website localization and document translation, etc.

Note: This voucher have to be used during 2016 Oct.28 – 2016 Nov.30


All interpretation rights of this activity reserved by TRANSN official

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Where to Find Professional Website Translation Service?

Website translation is an essential element of any international expansion strategy, to compete in today’s crowded and fierce international markets, you need to change the way you communicate with the world. Transforming your websites into versions of multilingual sites will help enhance personalized experiences to your global clients.

Most customers prefer to communicate in their native language. Research shows that customers always choose to view websites in their native languages when presented with multiple options. Translating websites into other languages allows you reach countless potential customers who were inaccessible before. What’s more, your website is a portal to display your products, services, culture, etc., thus it’s the first step towards building profitable customer connections. Owning a website means that your brand has the chance to appear on search engines and be seen by a plethora of customers.

First of all, you need to find a professional website translation agency. Where to find professional website translation service? Transn may be the best option for you. Why choose Transn for website translation? Transn can offer you professional site localization including website design & construction, content translation, system construction.

1. Adjust modules and column plans based on target language habits to quickly integrate enterprises into target markets.
2. Express original documents idiomatically and in accordance with local customs in multiple languages based on the needs of target markets.
3. Transn’s open interface for businesses enables Transn to duly acquire site updates, translate content into multiple languages in accordance with demands, and promptly release translated updates.

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Tips to Choose A Professional Website Translation Provider

To find a professional website translation provider can be a challenge. All in all, the provider should match the target you envisage for the translation of your business. In this article, we will share you some tips to make choosing a professional website translation provider easier.

1. Know the requirements of your translation
There are a number of important questions you should ask yourself before looking for a professional translation provider. Should specific terminology be used? Who are your target audience? It is also important to know what language your target audience speaks. A professional translation agency is fluent with many languages. They have knowledge of many cultures and can advise you in this.

2. Professional translator is necessary
A professional translator is highly educated and is specialized in a specific field. It might be easy to translate your website, but do they possess the qualifications to provide a good marketing translation of business? Do they know the specific terminology of your industry and market? If you want a professional website translation, you should choose a professional translator.

3. Does the provider have a quality control process?
Since the quality of website translation can be highly subjective, there are techniques that can be used to meet your expectations. Will they use a glossary and style guide? How are translators selected and evaluated? Will an editor (a qualified linguist) review each text of the website or are they just proofreading or spot-checking?

4. Efficiency and reliability of translation
Meeting deadlines is fundamental for translators to translate efficiently, reliably and on-time. A timeframe for completion should be clearly agreed at the very beginning of any project.

In conclusion, finding a professional website translation provider that can reliably deliver high-quality translation can be a daunting task. By considering the tips mentioned above, your company will soon be on the way to the right translation service that can meet and exceed your company’s needs and goals.

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