Transn Ranks 3rd in Asia and 19th in the world

2015: Transn Ranks 3rd in Asia and 19th in the world

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Recently, America’s famous language industry research agency Common Sense Advisory issued the report “The Language Services Market: 2015”. As an annual summary of translation and interpretation service industry, the report included the list of the Top 100 language service providers in the world.

Among the Top 100 global language service enterprises, Transn (China) Technology Co., Ltd. ranks 3rd in Asia and 19th in the world. Compared with its rankings in 2014, Transn moved up two places into Top 3 in Asia and eight places into Top 20 in the world.

Transn is a new-style multilingual information processing service provider in today’s big data and mobile Internet era. This over-ten-year-old company created the “Internet of Language (IOL)” by integrating the Internet with language processing, developed its embedded apps in ten sectors including cross-border E-commerce, international engineering, equipment manufacturing, film & TV media, cultural tourism, service outsourcing, etc. Moreover, with its powerful language service capability, Transn provided integrated solutions for China’s large-scale overseas projects, manufacturing introduction and major transnational cooperation and international conferences.

With world-leading core technologies and innovative business models, Transn was rated as one of China’s earliest “Demonstration Enterprises of Innovative Development of the Modern Service Industry.” It built the first “Multilingual Information Processing Industry Base” in the Optics Valley Software Park and the only provincial multilingual engineering and technological research center in China. Its independent research and development of the “T-cloud” translation service platform was taken as a typical promotion case by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the PRC. As the national key culture-technology integration enterprise, Transn was selected as one of the national key cultural export enterprises. Meanwhile, “Transn International Film & TV Platform” was listed as one of the national key cultural expert projects.

In the future, Transn will be persistent in its pursuit of technological, management and model innovation and make constant effort to guide the direction of the industrial development.

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Transn’s Zero Tolerance Policy for Fraud

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“I got a call from him yesterday. He said he was a project manager with XX Information Technology Co., Ltd. and that he hoped to enter into long-term cooperation with me, but he needed me to do a free 2,000 word sample translation first,” said a defrauded translator. Believing the lies that this man had told over the phone, the translator handed over the 2,000-word translation to the man without signing any contract. After this, the man disappeared without a trace.
Cases of fraud in the language service industry have been mushrooming as of late. Translators and language service providers whose rights and interests have been infringed upon have been growing in number. Anti-fraud has become a common problem facing language service providers. To safeguard translators’ lawful rights and interests and crack down on such types of fraud, an intensive anti-fraud effort has gradually unfolded within the industry.
On April 18, Transn joined hands with numerous other language service industry providers in announcing the establishment of the China Language Service Industry Anti-fraud Alliance. They also released the “Anti-fraud Declaration”. The declaration stated:

  1. We respect translators’ lawful rights and interests as well as their finished work products.
    For this reason, we will spare no effort in assisting translators in dealing with instances of fraud and establish a system to protect translators. We will work from all sides to feasibly safeguard the lawful rights and interests of translators.
  2. In cooperation with a great number of language service providers and translators, we will establish the “China Language Service Industry Anti-fraud Alliance” and build a nationwide anti-fraud network to expose lawbreakers. Through this, we shall promote the healthy development of China’s language service industry,
  3. We will keep enhancing our relations with translators and language service provides to establish a style of honest cooperation.

As a major language service provider in China, Transn has always kept a watchful eye on the vital interests of translators. The company suggests that in the event of potential fraud hazards, please pay attention to:

  1. Promptly collecting and verifying the relevant information of translation project dispatchers and account settlement contact people such as project managers. This information includes identity information, contact information, and account information.
  2. Promptly verifying project details such as the assignment process, project cycle, and word count.
    III. Promptly saving evidence obtained during communication with contact people. This can include written, recorded, and other types of evidence.
  3. In the event of perceiving that a contact person is behaving suspiciously, translators should seek help from the companies in whose names they were contacted at the earliest possible time so as to avoid damage.

The anti-fraud call has just been sounded. More translators and language service providers are needed to join the anti-fraud campaign. Together, we will build an environment that is free from fraud and leave criminals with no place to hide, making a genuine contribution to the healthy development of China’s language service industry.


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Transn - Professional Translation, Interpretation Services Online Quote by Transn

Transn 2016 Halloween Festival Promotion

The Halloween, also called All Hallows’ Eve, is a yearly holiday observed on October 31.

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The Urgent Need for Professional Website Translation

Today in the trend of economy’s globalization, there appears more and more international communication and cooperation, especially for the cooperation in Internet website. Therefore, there is an urgent need for professional website translation.


In fact, the international communication and cooperation on Internet drives the development of translation services for website, but most of them are not professional. Professional talents are needed for any industry, especially in such fierce international competition. Professional website translation plays a vital role in the following aspects.


Better understanding

Before the cooperation, professional website translation can help the both parties to get a better understanding of each other, after that, people can know if it is a suitable partner. And professional website translation shows that the company is also professional in its business, at the same time, it is a kind respect and sincere, which matters a lot.



Professional website translation can provide accurate data for both parties, especially for the finance and manufacturing industry. Of course the accuracy doesn’t mean the accurate data only, it also includes technology requirements and other important parameters.



After better understanding of the requirements of both parties, they can establish the initial intention of cooperation easily. Professional website translation can help reduce time on repeated communication. So it will be time-saving and efficient for the cooperation.


In a word, professional website translation is urgently needed in increasingly trend of international cooperation in terms of understanding, accuracy and time-saving, please pay attention to it from now.

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Business Documents Translation Service Is An Important Part Of A Growing Industry

Business documents translation services are an important part of a growing industry where global commercial deals as well as agreements are the order of the day. Foremost amongst the characteristics of resourceful translation services are the top-tier client service, the range of translation languages as well as the correctness of the business translations. There are scores of unparalleled translation agencies in operation around the globe. These kinds of companies work hard to offer their clients as well as patrons with the very premium business documents translation services. A lot of the companies using the services of the business documents translation range from the fortune 500 companies to all manner of other kind of companies around the world. The translation professionals are in full effect at the leading translation companies. For the purpose of the business documents translation services, it is very important that the software is capable to grip complex documents as well as keeps up-to-date with appropriate considerations. The fast-paced world of global commerce requires the work of translating information is precise, appropriate as well as contextually correct. But more prominently, the translated material forever desires to be in line with the lawful requirements of the courts, business laws as well as so forth. Amongst the most excellent business documents translation service professionals, only the premium-quality translations experts take pleasure in sustained growth as well as customer patronage. Therefore it creates sense to do a little research prior to opting for the services of one translation service over another.


Localization of the content, in terms of translation services, needs substantial experience on the part of the translation professionals. Finest translation companies are capable to offer their patrons with all modes of translation services for the well-timed, dependable, precise as well as contextually right translation of business documents.

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Understand any Language with a Language Converter

Language converter is an extremely helpful deciphering utility that is controlled by Google Translate. The application empowers you to interpret messages between more than 40 distinct dialects. Neural machine interpretation has been a latecomer to the round of profound taking in, a strategy for making forecasts about everything from successful showcasing pitches to potential medication competitors. This happens by encouraging substantial arrangements of information through layers of interconnected processors. The processors demonstrated after the cerebrum’s systems of neurons are initially prepared by people on genuine interpretations and after that let free on new arrangements of information. Very much aligned processors can get on unpretentious prompts in the information, change them, and send them to the following level for further preparing and interpretation.


Business man with the text Translate in a concept image
Business man with the text Translate in a concept image

Language converter has some valuable components, for example, programmed source dialect discovery and an exactness number cruncher. It additionally has the alternative to make an individual word reference with remedied interpretations.


Key components include:

  • Standard simplified pioneer interface
  • More than 40 dialects bolstered.
  • Google Translate controlled


Generally speaking, language converter is truly simple to utilize, has a standard adventurer interface with intuitive support and some personal choices, for example, custom content text style and the capacity to pick another console format when meaning dialects. Dialect interpreter application permits the import for a few prominent subtitle and report designs.


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Transn Christmas and New Year Translation SALE! Discount Coupon 25% off


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Transn translation
Transn translation


In honor of Christmas and New year promotion, we are ready to give you the biggest discount of this year. Don’t miss this moment! From this day you can get 25% from total order no matter what translation services you’re purchasing – Document Translation, Interpretation, Transcription, Website Localization, Media Solution, Software Platform and/or Translator Training & Certification.


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The important role of professional website translation

When you have a good  business as well as you wish to endorse it online, the most excellent way to go about is to make a website, post ads as well as submit content to other websites. This will assist carry traffic to your site which in turn will improve your business as well as revenues. This has been the most general procedure for anyone who needs to improve their business. This is no doubt a high-quality dependable process, but while you have a website that provides one language, it will limit the traffic who visits your website that speak other language. It is vital that your website should be legible in manifold languages, thus catering to the people speak other languages. This permits you to widen your horizons by being legible to everybody who uses the internet.


To have a text or web page that is scripted in one more language, one has to look for the assist of a translation service. There are many websites that proffer translations counting Google translate itself, which does the job for free. But there are lot of drawbacks to looking for the use of Google translates. First and foremost, Google translate is a machine translator, it is not operated by a person. One enters the text that one needs to be translated as well as it offers a translation in the language that one chooses. The difficulty with this process is that, it may not be a completely precise translation.


It is enough for one to be capable to grab an all-purpose understanding of the given content, but will not be capable to offer a background explanation. A specialized translator will be capable to translate any kind of website page irrespective of the context. It could be medical content or a scientific research paper. Such kind of website content which demand high language skills cannot be rightfully translated without outstanding knowledge of the fields as well as the precise terminology utilized in those fields in every language. Such professional website translation is only offered by the professional website translators.


If you need professional website translation service, choose Transn, who has rich resources and many years of experience in website translation. We will not let you down! For any of your questions or problems, our 24/7 services are available to help. There are various ways to get in touch right here, so you can choose the most appropriate way that suits you. We’ll try our best to resolve your issues efficiently.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Transn Certified Translation Service

What is certified translation? Certified translation is to translate documents from one language to another. Certified translation service with guaranteed translators who are proficient in both languages that can translate documents comprehensively and accurately. Certified translations are accepted by officials, courts and institutions.


Why do I need certified translation service of Transn?

Transn provide fast and accurate certified translation services at a affordable price. Start at US $25 per page with transparent pricing. Thousands of people trust us to complete their certified translation.


What are the available language options?

We translate more than 60 kinds of languages. Whether you need certified Arabic translations, certified French translations, certified German translations, or any other language we can help.


What types of documents can be translated?

Certified translations for all types of documents including: birth certificates, diplomas, marriage certificates, divorce decrees, drivers license, legal documents, immigration, passport and more.


How long will it take to complete each document?

In most cases, we will deliver the translations within 24-48 hours. Our advanced translation platform enables us to deliver quality human translations faster than any other provider, no matter what language pair or job size.


How can you make such a quick conversion?

We employ over 60000 tested and rating translators who are proficient in localizing translations and translating into their mother tongue. We are therefore able to offer quick, accurate and professional certified translation services to our clients.


Is my personal information safe?

Your files will be securely stored and transmitted using SSL encryption, which is available at the highest level of security at the moment.


How can I submit my documents?

You can easily upload documents from your computer to our website. We accept Word and PDF documents as well as images.


How can I get a free quote?

We shall prepare the cost estimation and the duration to complete and will mail you.

How can I pay for my certified translation?

You can choose to pay us online by Paypal, Once the payment is received, we will deliver the translation.


I need more information, what can I do?

Please send an e-mail to our email address, click here. One of our business office will respond to you as soon as possible.

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Professional Translation from Malaysian Language to English

Professional Translation from Malaysian Language to English

Reliable Company

Transn ranks 3rd in Asia and 19th in the world, which has more than 800 employees and 30,000 freelance translators worldwide. We provided professional translation for Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo, Guangzhou Asian Games, ets.

Transn matches you prefectly

Transn has professional translation team and efficient translation standard operating procedure, which ensures the professional, accuracy and standardized of translation. As well as, we are outstanding member of the Translator Association of China and ISO9001 certified language service provider.

Translators of Transn distribute all over the world, and our translation can match your needs in different cultural background perfectly. In order to better serve customers in Malaysia, our professional translators are proficient in understanding vernacular languages in Malaysia and translating into mother tongue, such as: Bahasa, Malay, Mandarin, etc.

Services Provided

Transn offers various and fast language products and services including documents translation, certified translation, website translation, transcription, talent, subtitling and software localization in over 50 fields such as petroleum, petrochemicals, the automobile industry, law, communications, publications, conventions & exhibitions, resources, electricity, education and media,. We have processed over 8.5 billion words in total.

Trans provides Malaysian translation services including: Malaysian documents, Malaysian immigration translation, Malaysian media translation, etc.


The reasons of choosing Transn solutions——Authority,Fast,Save,Professional

1. Professional translators :
Our experienced and trusted translators in worldwide who understand your language and culture can translate it in your own desired one such as English, Japanese, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.
2. Excellent fast
Transn opens 24/7, and it can scale your requirements immediately and can provide fast feedback and professional translation.100% delivery on time. As well as, Transn supports files include Microsoft Word, PPT, PDF, as well as contents in the system of HTML, JAVA, ASP, PHP, XML, etc.3. Experienced Company
One of the most famous ISO9001 translation agencies
More than ten years experiences
Cooperate with world top 500 enterprises
4. Security
Transn tries its best to safe guard your document. We will not reveal your documents to any third party.

Transn has carried out in-depth cooperation with a host of Fortune Global 500 Companies:


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