Transn Ranks 3rd in Asia and 19th in the world

2015: Transn Ranks 3rd in Asia and 19th in the world

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Recently, America’s famous language industry research agency Common Sense Advisory issued the report “The Language Services Market: 2015”. As an annual summary of translation and interpretation service industry, the report included the list of the Top 100 language service providers in the world.

Among the Top 100 global language service enterprises, Transn (China) Technology Co., Ltd. ranks 3rd in Asia and 19th in the world. Compared with its rankings in 2014, Transn moved up two places into Top 3 in Asia and eight places into Top 20 in the world.

Transn is a new-style multilingual information processing service provider in today’s big data and mobile Internet era. This over-ten-year-old company created the “Internet of Language (IOL)” by integrating the Internet with language processing, developed its embedded apps in ten sectors including cross-border E-commerce, international engineering, equipment manufacturing, film & TV media, cultural tourism, service outsourcing, etc. Moreover, with its powerful language service capability, Transn provided integrated solutions for China’s large-scale overseas projects, manufacturing introduction and major transnational cooperation and international conferences.

With world-leading core technologies and innovative business models, Transn was rated as one of China’s earliest “Demonstration Enterprises of Innovative Development of the Modern Service Industry.” It built the first “Multilingual Information Processing Industry Base” in the Optics Valley Software Park and the only provincial multilingual engineering and technological research center in China. Its independent research and development of the “T-cloud” translation service platform was taken as a typical promotion case by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the PRC. As the national key culture-technology integration enterprise, Transn was selected as one of the national key cultural export enterprises. Meanwhile, “Transn International Film & TV Platform” was listed as one of the national key cultural expert projects.

In the future, Transn will be persistent in its pursuit of technological, management and model innovation and make constant effort to guide the direction of the industrial development.

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Transn’s Zero Tolerance Policy for Fraud

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“I got a call from him yesterday. He said he was a project manager with XX Information Technology Co., Ltd. and that he hoped to enter into long-term cooperation with me, but he needed me to do a free 2,000 word sample translation first,” said a defrauded translator. Believing the lies that this man had told over the phone, the translator handed over the 2,000-word translation to the man without signing any contract. After this, the man disappeared without a trace.
Cases of fraud in the language service industry have been mushrooming as of late. Translators and language service providers whose rights and interests have been infringed upon have been growing in number. Anti-fraud has become a common problem facing language service providers. To safeguard translators’ lawful rights and interests and crack down on such types of fraud, an intensive anti-fraud effort has gradually unfolded within the industry.
On April 18, Transn joined hands with numerous other language service industry providers in announcing the establishment of the China Language Service Industry Anti-fraud Alliance. They also released the “Anti-fraud Declaration”. The declaration stated:

  1. We respect translators’ lawful rights and interests as well as their finished work products.
    For this reason, we will spare no effort in assisting translators in dealing with instances of fraud and establish a system to protect translators. We will work from all sides to feasibly safeguard the lawful rights and interests of translators.
  2. In cooperation with a great number of language service providers and translators, we will establish the “China Language Service Industry Anti-fraud Alliance” and build a nationwide anti-fraud network to expose lawbreakers. Through this, we shall promote the healthy development of China’s language service industry,
  3. We will keep enhancing our relations with translators and language service provides to establish a style of honest cooperation.

As a major language service provider in China, Transn has always kept a watchful eye on the vital interests of translators. The company suggests that in the event of potential fraud hazards, please pay attention to:

  1. Promptly collecting and verifying the relevant information of translation project dispatchers and account settlement contact people such as project managers. This information includes identity information, contact information, and account information.
  2. Promptly verifying project details such as the assignment process, project cycle, and word count.
    III. Promptly saving evidence obtained during communication with contact people. This can include written, recorded, and other types of evidence.
  3. In the event of perceiving that a contact person is behaving suspiciously, translators should seek help from the companies in whose names they were contacted at the earliest possible time so as to avoid damage.

The anti-fraud call has just been sounded. More translators and language service providers are needed to join the anti-fraud campaign. Together, we will build an environment that is free from fraud and leave criminals with no place to hide, making a genuine contribution to the healthy development of China’s language service industry.


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Transn - Professional Translation, Interpretation Services Online Quote by Transn

Transn 2016 Halloween Festival Promotion

The Halloween, also called All Hallows’ Eve, is a yearly holiday observed on October 31.

For celebrate “2016 Halloween Festival” with all people in the world, Transn will offer 20% off special promotion and gift during the activity time.

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All interpretation rights of this activity reserved by TRANSN official

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When Do You Need Professional Website Translation?

Generally speaking, the application of professional website translation is very common for some global enterprises as the need of market and communication. It seems that some small and medium-sized enterprises hasn’t realized the importance of it, or sometimes they are confused on if the professional website translation is needed for them.


It is well known that the professional website translation is served for some enterprises most of time. However, when it comes to the translation service, people will subconsciously refuse such professional website translation especially for some small and medium-sized enterprises. There are two reasons for that, for one thing, there is no need to spend much money on professional website translation service for such business with small transaction amount. For another, people will take non-professional website translation service for granted as a local company, it is not necessary to have professional website translation service.


It is said that if an enterprise can’t view itself positively, how can others treat you as  professional when you can’t treat yourself as that? This is the common problem for most small and medium-sized enterprises. People should note that what professional website translation service brings is not only the smooth communication, it also includes the respect and sincerity of the cooperative partner. It is hard to refuse the partner with that.


It is necessary for some enterprises to have a better understanding of professional website translation service and make it clear that what you really needs for your enterprise, then I think you will make the right choice.

professional website translation service

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3 Key Points in Certified Translation Service

The increasingly frequent development of international communication causes the great demand of all kinds of translation service. Certified translation service is a standout amongst the most well-known sorts of translation.



A certified translation service is the translation of an official archive that has been guaranteed as precise and is in this way approved for accommodation to an extensive variety of authority bodies. As an official translation document, people should take care of the following points in the translation.



  1. Clear

First of all, people should understand the purpose of the certified translation, it is necessary to make appropriate adjustment for your translation according to the translation purpose. As for certified translation, what people need to do is to state the facts directly with another language. It is important for the local people to get the clear content easily.



  1. Brief

It is not always easy to express the meaning totally with a long and complex sentence. It will difficult for both the translator and the reader. The best way is to divide the long sentence into several short sentences. Learn to make hard things simple is a necessary skill in certified translation. But please note that all necessary content is needed, it just means people should learn to express the meaning in a brief way.



  1. Local culture

Every country has its own culture. Different culture has different meaning. The same word will have different meaning in different culture. Then people should pay much attention to the cultural difference during the certified translation.



People have high standard for official document, apart from the translator’s professional skill, learning capacity will also be taken into consideration for  certified translation service.

certified translation service


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Profession and Attitude in Professional Website Translation

In modern times, professional team including professional technician and professional company are always popular with people, because they can help achieve the most benefits for the clients. Let’s take professional website translation for example. Professional website translation plays an important role in international trade, especially for these online shops for foreign trade. Sometimes it will determine the survival or extinction.


Transn is a new-type Internet & IT-based language service supplier as well as a language service provider ranking 3rd in Asia and 19th in the world.  We are committed to a platform for people without language barriers all around the world. People can communicate freely with their native language. As a professional website translation supplier, what the most important thing for us is not profession but attitude. Profession is the most basic thing for every member in our team, what we need to keep all the time is our professional attitude for every client and every order.


Some people may don’t understand that, if the team don’t have professional competence, how can they get the trust from the clients. In fact, people can’t know every industry, every time we received an order, we will have a deep understanding of industry first to make sure that our products is most suitable. Professional attitude will make us more professional in our profession, which matters a lot in business.


We can’t promise that we are the best in professional website translation, what we can do is to take every client seriously and pay attention to every requirement of you. If you have any interest, welcome to contact us for details.

professional website translation


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The Most Concern of Clients for Professional Website Translation

There is no doubt that website translation has been a necessary part in international exchanges. With the increasing of international exchanges, people get higher requirements for the website translation. Then professional website translation appeared at such right time. Professional website translation matters a lot both in international exchanges and international trade. However, what is the most concern of clients for professional website translation?

  1. Service

When it comes to service, people will think of the service on how to treat people well or how to make people happy. Actually it is just part of it. Service here includes both the hard service and soft service. As for professional website translation, hard service means high level in website translation, in other words, it depends on if your translated website is attractive for customers. And soft service means the way one gets along with people.

  1. Safe

Any of the leakage of business secrets is fatal. Then the clients pay much attention to protecting the information of his company. Sometimes people won’t do such business for the risk of leakage of business secrets. Then how to protect the information of the clients and get the trust of the clients are things need to be considered for professional website translation agency.

  1. Price

Generally speaking, price is the least concern of the clients when compared to the above two points. The cost of professional website translation is not cheap. Any investment is risky, but how can you make profits if you don’t make investment. It is the same case with professional website translation. And in the long run, if people can get a lot of potential customers through professional website translation, the cost of professional website translation will mean nothing to him.

Want to know more about professional website translation, you can come here.

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How Much Do You Know About Professional Website Translation?

The rise of foreign trade website cause the increasing needs for website translation. When it comes to website translation, which kind of website translation would you choose as foreign trade website owner, non-professional website translation and professional website translation?

Let’s talk about the non-professional website translation first. There are many kinds of non-professional website translation. Some foreign trade website owners follow the trend and enter the international market, the first thing they need to do is to change the appearance for the website. Some people don’t want to spend any money on it, then they will tend to online translation service for help. Some others will find the so-called translator of the company to do that. Both the ways are irresponsible. Website translation is not only the translation of language but includes the translation of website.

Have we forgotten the purpose of website translation? Yes, to get customers, what the professional website translation do is to find the most suitable way to attract customers for your website. Then professional website translation will pay attention to both the translation of language and your website. They will change a website to another website in a localization way. And professional website translation team have professional translator and website designer. That is also the difference of non-professional website translation and professional website translation.

The cost on professional website translation is absolutely larger than that on non-professional website translation. One celebrity in business said that you can only go where you have seen. It means that if you pay attention to the present situation, then you can’t go far. Though it will spend a lot of money now on professional website translation, but the market brings for you will be of great potential. It is true that if you take a serious attitude to someone or something, one day, it will pay back.

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What Can Professional Website Translation Do in Global Business?

People benefit a lot in global business, then more people get involved in it, however, language has always been the key factor in global business, it can contribute to cooperation and can also destroy it. People have to admit that professional website translation is a necessary part in global business.

The trend of economic globalization has brought more and more domestic enterprises to the international stage. However, how can you make sure that a enterprise will stand out from the crowd and attract more customers? In addition to its professional competence, the enterprise also needs professional website translation. It is reported that more than a half of global customers only purchase products from websites in their own language. If people can’t give a glance at your enterprise, how can you have the chance to prove yourself? Then professional website translation will be the stepping stone first. It will help you get more opportunities.

Every regions of the country has its own dialect. And people will have a favorable impression for their dialects. They will pay more attention to something in their dialects naturally. This is also the effect of the professional website translation. Professional website translation will realize the localization of the translation which will help get the trust of the customers. Usually the ordinary website translation will only translate word by word, sentence by sentence, they pay no attention to the local environment and culture which matters a lot in translation.

The core competitiveness of a enterprise is its core product or core technology or something else that can’t be leaked out to the public. And professional website translation will austerely keep all the data you provide in confidential based on the principals of sincere service and the trust with customers.

In conclusion, professional website translation will help a lot in global business in terms of opportunity, customer’s trust and confidentiality, which are also the reasons people prefer professional website translation.

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Things to Consider for Professional Website Translation

Professional website translation has been a inevitable trend especially for the online sellers because of the need of the market. And there are also many website translation service offered. However, how to find a professional website translation service drives people crazy. Here introduces several points people should consider for professional website translation.

First of all, translation itself is the most important thing for professional website translation. As the website content on products or service is the core of the website, which is the important point for attracting customers. Then it is necessary to restore the website content as the original website. But it doesn’t mean to translate word for word and sentence for sentence, it means to translate all of the content as the original website. Any kind of information missing is not allowed. And the translated content should meet their language habits, or it will cause their browsing obstacles.

Besides, as the translated website maybe used in foreign countries for the foreigners, then people should take the browser compatibility into account. After all, browser for foreign countries will be different from domestic.

Last but not the least. People should consider the format design of the website. As people in different countries have different aesthetical standards. It is necessary to redesign the format of the website which make it conform to the aesthetics of the local people. And that is the reason why professional website translation is needed, as they have much experience in what kind of website will be popular with the local people.

In a word, the above points are also to tell us that only professional website translation know how to attract the attention of the local people. That is the reason why professional website translation is useful and needed.

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